Lowryder #2 yellow leaves

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    I have 2 female lowryders with 1 nearing harvest, and in the last few days the leaves have started to turn yellow, i think they may vbe root bound but im not sure.

    Also on the older female the tips of the newer leaves are turning purple.

    Can anyone help/advise me on both issues?

  2. look in the sticky in sick plants and problems that will help. also, if some leaves are yellowing close to harvest that is normal becuase the fan leaves and dying off after they have done their job. i wouldnt worry.
  3. Purple is from low temperature, the newest leaves react the most to the cold air and will turn deep shades of purple.

    As for the yellow leaves, Mr.Meany is right totally normal. The yellowing should be of the fan leaves only and go from the bottom up (oldest fan leaves at the bottom die off first).
  4. Thats a big relief, I was worried I'd have to harvest early, thanks for the help guys :)

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