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  1. just ordered the ak47 x lowryder #2 and i know its gonna be a really good grow i already grew lowryder #2 and its well worth the price and the wait. so ill be keeping postings on here shortly and on youtube videos if people want to follow the grow. lata keep vaporizng peeps.
  2. quit question
    all i have grow in bag seed
    i have been looking to grow lowryder
    but dont know a site to order from that will
    ship to united states!!!
    would u happen to know a site??:confused:
  3. http://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk
  4. mysty knows whats up thats the site i use to get my lowryders from so check it out. like 70 bucks for 5 seeds but so worth it in the end.
  5. the smell of these plants in full flower is so fruity made the whole room stink and they were in a growbox in the closet and that was just the regular lowryder#2.

  6. Yeh they are preeeeetty stinky...

    Not massively but they did stink out a big room they were in when they were drying...

  7. i cant wait to see them i loved theregular lowryder #2.

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