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  1. just ordered my ak47 lowryder and i know its gonna be badass cus i already grew the original lowryder #2 and ak47 is a cannabis cup winner so ill be keeping postings on here and on youtube under the account: iluvchron so keep a look out lata.
  2. kool!. I'm attempting to grow one ak47 too!
  3. yea i ordered 5 seeds but i only think im gonna grow 2 to start off with.
  4. Its a nice strain,fruity as. finished up in 9 weeks

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  5. Nice bro, I think I'm going to try out some lowryders pretty soon as well.
  6. yeah i loved my lowryder #2s and that was fruity so i just went ahead and ordered my seeds 2 days ago and i cannot wait to start that shit. i love autos fucking genius.
  7. nice...I just ordered 5 fem auto AK. Def make a grow journal and what kind of lights are u going to run?

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