Lowryder #2 Stunted growth?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Kaos6669a, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Can anyone help with this?
    I have 4 Lowryder 2's all germinated at the same time, 3 are looking nice for 1 week old but one looks not so good.

    Pictures below

    They are at 1 week from seed and have been potted straight into 2.5 litre pots.
    Grow closet is 2ft Wide x 2.5ft Deep x 8ft height (Single Wardrobe)
    Growing under 1x200watt enviro (I have more lights to turn one but waiting for the plant to reach a height where heat is no longer an issue.)
    No ferts as there only a week old just water.
    They have only just been watered so dont worry about any drooping.

    Any ideas.

  2. your overwatering

    just because you just watered doesnt mean they should be drooping, I can clearly see you water waaay too much

    use a mister and spray the soil a few squirts a day
  3. Cheers GG, do you or does anyone have an explanation as to why i have a runt tho?
    They were all potted at the same time, watered at the same time under the same lights and unfed

    Cheers in advance.
  4. it may have a smaller root, and more sensitive to excess water

    there is always a sickly kid in the group, yeah :D
  5. Nice one GG - will keep my eye on the watering n shit, do you know when to start feeding? or is it just as you would with every plant, only LR's only take 2 month ish to germinate,grow and flower.

    Peace :smoking:
  6. here is how I approach a situation when I have multiple plants of the same strain...

    I push.... to see how far the strain can handel it.......always take only ONE test plant....start off with 1/8 strength ferts and work up

    take another and try a different fert....learn your strain, when you find something they respond well to, then do the same to only one again to see if you get the same results.....then you know........just dont use all the specimens you have.

    be daring....but be logical
  7. Hmmmmm, i'll have a play - cheers mate :smoking:

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