Lowryder #2 Southwest UK Grow!

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    Hi guys,

    This is my first post, Just thought I'd share what I've got and see what you reckon.

    They are on week 6, In 80/20 Soil/Perlite mixture.. Nutes wise I've been only useing what I had at hand which is Super thrive at the start, Maxicrop Organic Seaweed for the young veg period and now Ionic Bloom when I started seeing pistils.

    The plants themselves are just a bit of fun and started on the window sill then moved out to on a platform made in between two shed, South facing and sun all day.. Plus cannot be seen by any prying eyes.

    So far I'm impressed how quick they have grown and how short they have stayed, Zero stretch and minimal to no training. I topped when the first nodes came which had no effect, I then bent and tied them down after 4 weeks..

    That's about it, I'll update this thread when there's noticeable growth or something to show of interest.. This grow has all been about MINIMAL input, The only thing I bought were the seeds and blagged the rest.

    One question I have is am I feeding them enough? The ionic is 1ml per litre and I feed them every other time I water them. Anything else I could use to bulk them? Could I continue with the super thrive or the maxicrop?


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    *Pics Uploaded now*
  3. They looking nice bro. just keep up the feeding schedule and they will do the rest.
    plently of time left to fill those buds up.
    If you fancy it pop in to my thread in my sig, lots of UK growers in there!

    Peace out
  4. Thanks Dan, Ok I will do, I'd like to see how other UK growers are getting on this year..

    The sheer amount of slugs is comparable to a plague!! I dread to think about any plants that are on the ground, Also the amount of rain this year is madness.

    PS, Should I move this thread to grow diaries? I just saw that forum (Could admin move it plz)

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