lowryder #2 first grow newbie advice needed

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    hello to everyone.

    my first post here, and my first grow of lowryder #2.

    I read a good few guides, but would like to be able to get some advice on my set up and how would it work out. at the moment the light a at a low height, as you see in image below. they seems to grow very quickly, the 5 plants that are 3 inches high, 2 of those plant are 7 days old and the other 2 are 8 days old from the day they are put in the soil.
    the 2 small ones are 5 days in soil and the other 3 thats are just showing up can't even see in the pic are 4 days in soil. I'm watering once day and pour out the excess water that drain back out after 5 mins. water mixed with Super Thrive.

    the ones that are 3 inches from now on now I will only water them when the top of the soil starts to dry, that helps the rooter grow faster I read somewhere on a guide.
    should I start to water them once a day again or just keep it this way?

    I've only just got the lights setup so they all been on 24hrs light started 3 days ago. before that I had a few lights stand sbove them till I got the box set up. no lights gets out the window in the room :)

    when they get bigger I will have a bigger home for them ready with stronger lights :)

    but when the front is closed up, it is very bright and warm even inside, I have 2 skyline window in the hall so once I day I open the front and the door for the room, with the skyline windows open, say for about 30mins, then I close the front and the door, but close the windows when it gets dark, since its been warm laterly, with the windows closed it feels very hot inside.

    any advice very much appreciated.


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  2. How many watts do you have now or plan to have when they are big?
  3. I have 2 12" twin 75w bulb set up evenly right under the box, the whole box is covered with foil to reflect the lights, its very bright in there :)
    I will be adding a big 220w fluorescent in to the center when they get bigger in a bigger box, space them out a bit for flowering, hopefully as little male as possible :)
  4. today I'm adding 2 fans on the low left for intake and 2 on upper right for exhaust to give better airflow.

    anymore advice appreciated.

  5. Just to let you know you need at least 100 actual watts per plant, im guessing you are going by equivelant watts. You need to go by the smaller number on the bulb/box. Hope this helps

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    they got taller again today, 7 plants are about the same now, and the other 3 are over 1cm tall.

    when you say actual wattage, thats where I don't understand very well.

    I read somewhere saying a 65w fluorescent 12" tube is around 300w to 500w depending on brands.

    anyway, I added a intake fan on the lower left, I can feel soft air flow through the box from left to right, and 2 low speed 12" exhaust fans, so air now floating through constantly.

    room was warm like yesterday when I walked in, soil still damp so I didn't water them.

    so what actual wattage do I have and how much will the actual wattage will I be adding with the 220w fluorescent?


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  7. If you post pics of you're lights and what wattage you think they are we should be able to give you an idea of what you have, have you got a link to those fluros? Also read Kamels CFL guid it has all you need to know.
  8. In red is actual wattage in blue is equivelant. :D
  9. ah i just found out they are only 75w actual, gotta get stronger lamps fast so :)

    other than the lights wattage, is there anything else I should change in there?

    is this set up ok?

    should I lower the bulbs?

  10. Yeah you can get those bulbs a bit closer, next step will propably break you're heart lol, take down the foil and cover the walls with either emergency blankets or flat white paint.
  11. the box won't do them?
  12. Foil might cause hot spots and burn you're plants is all
  13. ah I see, friend of mine grown 2 5ft plants in his room covered with kitchen foil, but his room is smaller so he didn't make a box. they almost ready to harvest.

    maybe I should keep them further away from the foil?
  14. I wouls seriously consider emergency blankets they are like $2.50 and cover alot of space. You're friend was lucky his temps were not too high and his lights didnt reflect into more concentrated points and burn holes in his plants. However you can keep them if you wish but personally I would be rid of it.
  15. I think I have an emergency blanket in the bathroom :)

    I may do that soon. but I'm working through the weekend, so it's gonna be money before I have that much time to paint the inside white :) you think I be ok for a few more days?

    so after that, it should be all good to go then? :)

    you think the box is big enough for LR2?

  16. Yup, only go for either blankets or white though. The box don't seen to be tall enough from what I hear LR2 can grow from 12-34 inches so if its just over 20 inches you should be good.
  17. emergency blankets? whats that, and why would you use those
  18. Emergency blankets are blankets used in emergencies to keep warm. They are silver in apearence and reflect light rather nicely.
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    ok I change my setup today :)

    I changed the foil to white paper, and I will keep an eye on the paper condition.

    I added 2 lamps and have them hanging down.

    is that distance ok for them? the lights are not very hot, warm enough to keep the box warm :) even the room is warm after a day, but never hot inside the room or the box.

    I move the pots around everyday so they all get even lights.

    I water them today as it feels like its starting to get dry on the first half inch deep soil.

    is this going to be ok from now? I have another 220w fluorscent to go in when they get bigger if needed, whats 220w fluorscent is in actual wattage?


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  20. Those plants look stretched, With CFLs I think the ideal distance is about 4" from the surface of the bulb to the top of your plant, the paper is better then then aluminum foil also. My question is, why a cardboard box? Why not just go to your local home improvement store and buy a stand up cabinet and just grow in it. A cardboard box in the middle of a room on the floor with light shining out of the cracks is a bit odd huh?

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