Lowryder 2 feminised Grow Journal. Stealth Grow

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    DAY 1. Germination 101

    Day 1 germination im going to use a paper towel technique for for my new feminised Lowryder2 seeds.

    Im using CFL's for this grow and we shall see how it goes, got about 200w of 6500k for veg and 200w of 2700k for flowering, Mylar on the walls for added light reflection, extractor fan and oscillating fan for the plants when they get to that point. I have tested the tempreture and humidity for my grow it stands at average 26 celcius humidity 70% so it looks like everything is ready to go. I will have a update every twelve hours during germination

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  2. Its been twelve, how's it goin man? ;) got me some femed lowryder 2's comin in the mail myself. hope it goes great for ya man good luck
  3. bonjour to you all here is a update i didnt bother posting a pic of a germinated seed becuse well we all know what a germinated seed looks like well here a few pics of the seedlings,they popped there heads up this morning the updates will be 5 days apart from now on.
    Rootz where did you get your LR2 seeds from out of curiosity. Keep me informed on your grow. KAT
  4. DAY 4

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  5. got front row tickets for this. Looking to grow the same in the near future. Pics of your set up would be good
  6. that i can do but im waiting for my new camera too arrive, the other one is dead. but if you are up to growing these they are as easy as pie. this is my 3rd grow but my first journal KAT
  7. Ill be watching :D Im looking to grow these in a few months.
  8. waiting on an update here,i got my lowryders 2 seedsfrom attitude,and have one in the paper towel,alredy poped open,i plan to start a grow journal on my first lr2 grow
  9. DAY 5
    alrighty heres a update, some slight growth over the last day thankfully the plants are not strecthing at all looking good actually, planted a third yesturday and no signs of it popping out probably 2morrow

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  10. you said that this was your 3rd grow. how did the 2 previous ones go? What was your average weight per plant and how long from start to finish? And most importantly smoke quality?
  11. ahh the important questions well the last female i had was about 10 inches in 7 inch pot the rest about 9 ish. It took 7 and half weeks mostly give or take a few days, and for the smoke let say its a good high no ak47 or northernlights high but good all the same you make a blunt of it 3 or 4 puffs your away. its all down to the curing aswell
  12. you planning on training at all? or are you just letting the dwarf do its thing?
  13. So how much did your plants yield after being dried/cured?
  14. ill answer both of you guys. im not going to train them im gonna let the plants do there thing.
    And for the for yield i got 40g off 2 females and 15 off another
  15. Were these other grows lowryder as well? and did you LST those or just let them grow?
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    na no light strain training because tbh i have never used it i must look it up and give it a try or prcatice on a male, yea these guys are gonna give it a try me thinks
  17. DAY 6
    OH new pics for anyone whos watching at close inspection you can see the second pair of leaves popping out but they are really tiny and u cant see them in the photo, there has been growth since yesturday. KAT

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  18. So far so Good:smoking: Good some LR2 about a few days further along then yours. So it will be nice to have something to compare with.
  19. yea nugs is this your first LR2 grow or second or what, because after a week and a bit this really get going
  20. First LR2 grow. Had mostly been using lowlife seeds before but decided to try LR2. After growing many strains over many years auto flower types are my new fav.

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