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  1. Howdy Grasscity,

    Day 23 since sprout of a Lowryder #2 and I am very pleased with the progress. After soaking the seed for 30 hours, I sowed it in the 2 gallon pot in my special soil mix that has proven well in many past grows. This is my first LR2 and at day 23, I am very pleased. Many write ups on this strain had mentioned one main cola, but I can see at least 6 more flowering points starting on side branches. It is under a 400 watt HPS but did the first 2 weeks under MHT.

    Oh yea, that pathetic thing next to it is a 60 day wonder that took forever to sprout, then I got it wet and it damped and fell over. I got it back up by adding some soil around the stem but it hasn't and won't recover. I am just seeing what it will eventually do.

    Comments appreciated :hello:


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  2. Nice tops, looks great and healthy.. i'd say its a nice little plant
  3. I just harvested. Had really good bud from the side branchs. Ended up with a bit over 11 ounces on 4 plants.the smoke is very good.
  4. Sounds great :) i wish i had some plants close to harvest.. but they are all a month away

  5. That's a great harvest for 4 LR2s. What lights did you use?

  6. how long did it take to harvast?
    how tall did they get?
    how good is the smoke?
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    Lowryder #2 is a good little grower. It does have one main cola, but it supports at least 6 branches which produce a fair amount of bud, too.

    I've grown a couple, and they are hardy little things.

    I think yours looks great for 23 days. Now would be a great time to start using black strap molasses. 1tbsp per gallon/3.5ml per liter (added before your pH balance, because it will naturally lower your pH a bit) will do wonders. In a soil-grow, Lowryder #2 responds extra-well to bsm.

    I posted pictures of my (now finished) grow. You can check them out here.

    9 weeks (63 days) from seed until end of lifecycle.

    Usually about 12-18". Officially it can get up to 22" but that isn't very common. I had one that was 19", and another that only grew 9". lol (The 9" still gave me 1Oz of dry bud.)

    It's a 50/50 indica/stavia hybrid. Most people report it starting off stony/mellow, then lightening up into an energetic/creative before gently fading off. THC content is about 14%, I believe.

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