Lowryder #2 closet grow

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    This would be my second grow ever :) My first was white widow and I have learned from my mistakes, firstly, I completely forgot about the light spectrum, I had my white widow flowering on daylight fluoros, so I had insanely premature, joint thin bud sites, it didnt even look like weed, and not only that, I had to harvest early. It was crazy because the buds were still REALLY DANK. Got me blazed. But I had no tolerance at the time.

    Anyways, my setup is in my closet, I have a light hanging above the pot, and 4 lights surrounding the pot. (their fluoros) each are 23 watts and are 3000k since lowryder basically starts out flowering. Im actually gonna grow 2 lowryders 2's, Ive only got about 120 watts, but I will get a few more bulbs.

    seeds havent popped yet, but heres a pic of the setup. I know the lights arent in good placement at the moment but I dont have anything to use, itl be fixed though later. The top light is a floodlight fluoro.

  2. Are you syre those are 3000k bulbs? 3000k bulbs produce yellow light, and those look like they're putting out blueish daylight spectrum
  3. Yeah they are, my bulbs are all funky, I have some 5500k bulbs that shine whitish blue
  4. All in one bucket?!

    Also you might want to put some shell case things around the bulbs to focus the light.
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    Yeah Im gonna plant 2 seeds on sepereate sides of the bucket, its not like their gonna get that big, and when they do I will bend them outwards. and yeah when they pop out, i will get some sort of reflecting thing.
  6. you know the new chinese lightbulbs are all highly toxic, and if you break one in your house there'r 3 pages of cleanup procedure, starting with "leave the room, dont breathe it in"
  7. I dont think wallmart is going to sell me a product that toxic.
  8. really

    kinda like saying it must be true its on the news

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