Lowryder 2 CFL first-timer's grow. Lots of Pics!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Tim t'Enchanter, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Well I've been talking about it for a while, so I figured I should finally get my ass in gear and get this journal started!

    A little info to begin:

    Medium: Soilless mix (?) 50% peat moss/ 50% perlite (Westland peat moss)

    Grow Type: Closet Indoor

    Strain: Lowryder 2

    Light: 125w CFL (Envirolite) and I'll be adding more as they grow

    Room temperature: 21 to 25.5 Celcius

    Humidity: 48-60%

    Nutrients: None given so far, I have tomato food for when I start

    Pot Size: Small cups, 18 cl (180 ml ?)

    PH of runoff: 6.5-7.0 (using liquid PH indicator at the moment, I'll spring for a digital eventually)

    Now to the real reason you came: Some pictures!
    This is what plant #1 (hereafter referred to as Plankton) looked like at ~24 hours

    And here's how the growroom looked back then

    If anyone wants more detailed info on the room, it's here-http://forum.grasscity.com/grow-room-design-setup/388094-first-timers-setup-pics.html
    I've only modified it slightly since then, adding new doors, securing the light better and tidying up the cables.

    I planted another seed on the 21st, it sprouted around the 22nd.
    Here's a pic of plant #2 (hereafter known as Patty) at around 24 hours-

    I had a slight setback with Plankton between days 6-9, she was too close to the light and suffered burns, as you can see-

    But she's recovering nicely! I'm not sure if I should trim the damaged parts, so any feedback would be appreciated.Here's how she looked yesterday-

    And here's a pic of my happy little family doing what they do best-

    That's it for the intro. I'll post a few pics later today and after that I will do at least one major update a week, with minor ones if needed.

    It's great to finally be growing!:D
  2. Good Luck Tim! Im tuned in:smoke:
  3. Thanks Dankstar, nice to have you along!
  4. Cool set up Tim looking forward to see how you get on. GOOD LUCK.

  5. get those plants out of the clear cups man... the roots get fucked up when exposed to light like that....
  6. Yeah, definitely something darker. Plankton looks great! I think it might be about time for nutes for that one. The lower leaves are yellowing, so you need some nitrogen. Lookin' good Tim!
  7. Thanks a lot Dave, how are yours coming along? Nice to see you in here!:D

    Thanks for the advice, I have the cups partially covered at the moment, and I'll be transplanting soon into proper pots. Cheers for looking in!:)

    Excellent! I was wondering about that myself. I have 2-6-6 tomato nutes, but do you think something with higher N would be better for the moment?
    Thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll visit regularly!:wave:
    And that goes for the rest of you too!:laughing:
  8. No, I bet that's perfect for these plants. I did read somewhere that suggested a 16-8-16 (or a 1-2-1 ratio) for vegetating dwarfs and a 30-15-30 (or a 2-1-2 ratio) for flowering. What you have would probably work just great though.

    And I think you should try starting at 1/4 strength.

  9. Most definitley! I don't want any more issues, even with my 'test plant';)

    Sorry I didn't have time for posting more info. today blades, but I'll be around fairly regularly.

    Abracadabra! Alakazam! Grow my plants as big as they can [​IMG]!
  10. bad ass setup man. I wish I had a wardrobe/cabinet that big to house my girl.

    I wouldn't trim any parts off the plant. She will do her thing to recover. And recover she will.
  11. Thanks for the input fat_angel, it's a bit ironic that I've got all this space for lowryders, and there's blades on here growing sativas in half that! Still, this is a trial run to hone my skills and get me a little something to toke while I grow my next batch - I have 5 El Nino seeds waiting in the wings!

    And I was just wondering about trimming the dead parts as I don't know if dead plant tissues can cause damage to a plant? Like gangrene in humans? Anyway I'm gonna leave it for now, and see if there's any change after her first feeding. If it improves or stays the same, great, if the necrosis starts to spread, they'll be coming off!

    Cheers for visiting, call back soon!
  12. lookin good so far tim! nice setup you got there. subscribed and watching :wave:
  13. The AGA is watching YOU! :D
  14. im hoppin on board for this one bro. :eek:oking good so far. One thing, the CFL shown above your plants can behalf the distance from the plants which will give em much more light and keep em from stretchin on ya :D Keep it up!
  15. Thanks Chitown! I'll try to keep it interesting for ya! Have you anything growing yourself ATM? I'd love a link if you do...:)

    Well then I guess I'll have to try and live up to my name and make this a magic grow!:D
    Thanks for lookin in.;) It's great to be part of the AGA!

    Hey Myles, nice to have you with us!
    Yeah, I had it well up in that pic, I was after burning poor Plankton and so I went too far the other way and ended up stretching Patty, D'oh!:eek:
    I really need to get a desk fan in there ASAP. I tried a cheap battery powered one from euro2 (discount store) but it was terrible.
    Once I have that in, I'll really be pushing them up close.

    Once again thanks to everyone for reading, and especially to my Blades who took the time to comment. It's highly appreciated!
  16. The dead parts will come off on their own Tim. No need to trim it, honestly. Just remove when they fall.
  18. sup tim?there looking fine bro.id just leave em alone i wouldnt cut anything unless its mold infected the plants still useing it for growth even if its damaged so hope that helped.
  19. Good luck with the grow. I will be growing lowryder2 x ak47 so I will keep watching yours.
  20. Cool guys thanks for the replies, I'll leave it so. I've just given plankton her first feeding with 1/4 strength 2-2-6 tomato food. I've also prepared the pot that she's going into, so proper update w/pics in a while.

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