Lowryder #2 beans were knockoffs from dr. chronic

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  1. I have deleted my lowryder #2 journal due to my beans being knock offs. dr. chronic fucked me outta $80.00 and there's nuttin i can do about it. Mdanzig, from Highbred and breeder of MAsterlow and afew other LR crosses, informed me last night that i bought knockoffs. I am devistated :cry:. However, I met a killa fella last night that is hooking me up with some original lowryder and masterlow beans for now and gonna send me some lowryder/ak-47 when they are ready and if he has enough. I may start another grow log here cuz u guys rock i hate to leave u guys hangin. anyways, thanks for hangin this long and we'll hang later on. peace, e :bongin:

  2. Thats wack. What makes you think they weren't LR?

    Did they end up getting tall as shit, or what
  3. I'm also very curious as to how someone can determine they are knockoffs, if there isn't some extreme difference in growth, appearance, odor, or whatever. Someone saying, "These don't look like the ones I grew" isn't necessarily an indicator as grow conditions and genetics of the individual plant are almost always different for different people.
  4. I bet he killed them and is just making up an excuse.
  5. ya i dunt get it, you bought seeds that were supposed to be low ryders but ended up not being low ryders at all? or were they in fact growing just like low ryder but not from the grower you wanted them from or something? and y on earth would you just go and kill the plants, if they were alrdy growing... you could at least turned lighting to 12/12 to see if you could bud em out even just a little bit no?
  6. Ok to end all this bullshit about me killing them, and how I found out i had knock offs. I am a member of highbred.net, home of lowryder and its crosses and Mdanzig, breeder of masterlow, powerstout and bluestreak, Administrator AND friend to joint doctor, breeder of original Lowryder and Lowryder #2 was the one who told me that dr. chronic was an unauthorized dealer of lowryder, meaning they are generations that arent 100% stable and autoflowering. Oh and what makes u think i killed off the sprouts just bec they are fakes. I got rid of the one that looked unhealthy and have 2 sitting under lights as we speak and i plan to finish growing them out, but i am not going to advertise Lowryder #2 grow journal when they arent true genetics. So why dont u get ur facts straight before u start running your gums about something u know nothing about. peace, e :bongin:
  7. kinda ghey reason to stop ur journal then, could just keep it going and call it what it is, not true low ryder, but then again its your perogative. my mistake i thought you mighta killed them, if they auto flower and you get bud i dont see how its a waste, maybe a rip off but not a waste.
  8. Know what i think is gay, a person cant make a decision without others having a problem with it. If you are mad because u cant see a Lowryder grow, follow the link in my sig, you'll be able to see all kinds of lowryder and their crosses grow journals. I wouldnt judge you by what you do, why are u doing it to me. I am not stupid and I deleted it bec its my journal and I am upset for getting fake genetics, so piss off and go criticize someone else. peace, e :bongin:
  9. stop getting butt hurt i didnt call you gay, just your reason for stopping a perfectly good journal that ppl might have been interested in... is the grow not viable enuf to show your stuff and let other people learn off your experience? if you "hate to leave us hanging" then dont. i can understand about the rip off but you can still keep the journal going. but i guess you alrdy made the decision so sry for getting ya all pissed, jus so you know ive been chill this whole time, not pissed at anything you have done just trying to understand it.
  10. It kinda sounds like you weren't ripped off by Doc so much as these guys resent other people selling strains that they developed.
  11. 'Sup guys :wave:. Mycroft, u are absolutely correct. I should have continued the journal and not acted immature. I apologize for being rude last night and to those who were following my journal. I plan on starting another journal, but im gonna add 2 Original Lowryder and 2 masterlow. I am going to make a section in my closet for the sprouts and see how they grow out. anyways, i hope theres no hard feelings about all this, lets all meet, 4:20 at the tree and walk through our gardens in peace. peace, e :bongin:
  12. Can't wait to see the journal up and runiing
  13. Marijuana Strain Purist? Are you kidding me?

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