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    I figured that I might as well start a journal for my current grow , hopefully I end up with some good results to show . I have 2 grows under my belt , but this will be my first grow using HID's .

    Here's my setup :
    .Lowryder #2 seeds (non-fem) x 8
    .400 watt HPS
    .Miracle Grow Organic Choice potting soil (with added perlite)
    .1-2 gallon pots
    .3'x3' grow box
    .All organic nutrients (fish emulsion , bone meal , molasses)
    .Venting : I am just leaving my closet door open for air exchange . I have a 60watt swamp cooler set up to control temp .
    .Daytime temp : 75F-82F (78F average)
    .Night temp : 68F-73F (69F average)
    .The 400 watt HPS is being kept 12-16 inches away from the tops .
    .Light Schedule : 18/6 from start to finish

    *The age of my plants will be counted from the day they sprouted from the soil .*

    Now , the pics , they are 4 days old here .

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  2. too funny, I own that same digital temp gauge. haha
  3. Walmart is where most of my supplies come from ... you just can't beat their prices .:D
  4. Here they are at day 7 .

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  5. Day 9 .

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  6. And the last of my pics so far . These were taken today , which is day 11 from sprouting . They should be showing sex within the next 10 days . :D

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  7. UPDATE :

    Well today is the 14 day mark for my LR2's . So far , 3 out of 8 have shown sex , I've got 2 females and 1 male . I'm hoping to get atleast 3 females , but I already have 2 so that's fine . Here's some pics taken a few minutes ago .

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  8. its been 8 days man, how they doin now?
  9. any updates??
  10. Sorry mills69 and rootz420 , I was just able to get out and pick up some new rechargeable batteries for my dig cam . So here is the update :

    Out of 9 seeds , I have 5 females , 2 males , and 2 duds . For some reason I always have good odds with seeds . These females have been flowering for about 1 week now . 2 of them are 13 inches tall , and the other 3 are between 7-10 inches . These pictures were taken today , which is day 26 from sprouting .They have turned into little bushes . :hello:

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  11. hey looking good, gr8 bushes & fair play on getting 5 females outta 9 seeds ive heard of people saying that lowryder seeds tend to have a less than 50/50 chance of being female duno if its true anyway gr8 pics.
  12. nice little bushes man!:)
  13. they are looking real nice mate keep up the good work on them, im growing the same mine are about 16 days in and are happy plants, yours looking real good. Imagine day 58 lol
  14. Mills69 , thanks for the comments man . Yeah I've read a lot about people getting low female to male ratio with LR2 , but I really think it's all about luck and certain other things ( like low temp , high N , and more blue light during veg ) . To be honest with you , I actually have 6 females (out of 9) , but I discounted 1 of them because it is a micro dwarf that will probably only yeild like 1 gram ... it's kind of cute . I'll add some pics of it with this post .

    Rootz420 , they are pretty little bushes aren't they :D . Thanks for the comment . I'll keep you updated with pics .

    Katana2k9 , so you're growing LR2's also ? I'm glad to hear it man , these little dwarf's are a lot of fun to grow . In 2 weeks my plants have gone from tiny seedlings to mini-bushes . They grow extremely fast . What kind of lights are you using ? If you get any pics of your grow make sure you hit me up so I can see them . Day 16 , just imagine , in 10 days you will have nice little bushes also . Good luck ! :wave:

    ***Here's my micro-dwarf , female #6 . She's actually starting to form a micro-bud . This girl is the same age as my other girls , but she is obviously a different pheno . That is a normal sized bic lighter next to her . Don't laugh ... she's sensitive about her size :( :

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  15. great stuff, good pic of your baby it's strange to think it's the same age as the others

  16. Yeah it's strange . They were all started at the same time , but that small one never really took off like the others .
  17. whats up buddah? thx for diggin the grow likewise I dig yers. I think ill be at a week and two days tomorrow, youre how far along now?? they are beautiful little bushes amigo wish you good luck.

  18. Thanks man , today is day 34 since they sprouted from the soil . Your LR2's are at about 9 days , well you should start looking for sex around day 13-14 (that's when mine started showing) . And once they show , they're off . Good luck to you too , I'll definitely keep up with your journal .
  19. UPDATE : Day 34 since sprouting . Kind of a lot of yellowing starting now , I'm just associating that with the normal flowering N def . They still seem to be growing rapidly . So here's the pics .

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  20. Hey buddah sorry i didnt get back to you im using cfl mive are about 7 to 9 inches at the moment and going strong one of them is like a little bush, i cant find the stem anymore lol mine are only just starting to flower you can check out the thread in this form

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