Lowryder #2 250W HPS (PICS!!)

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  1. Well first off HELLO to all the other indoor growers out there!

    This is my second grow ever (my first was some bagseed under CFLs) and although the yield is going to be smaller (I estimate 1/4<->1/2 Oz) I think the product will be way better (I just got low-mids off of the first one... I cut a lot of corners and paid for it). Details for this grow:

    - 2 Gallon pot.
    - 75% topsoil / 25% perlite.
    - Used Miracle Gro nutes for the first couple weeks, FoxFarm Tiger Bloom since.
    - Temps around 75-80 F, humidity ranges between 30%-60%.
    - 250W HPS on 18/6 light cycle, usually about 5-6 inches from plant.

    I planted 10 LR2 seeds I got off dr chronic on Jan. 1 but only 5 germinated and only one of those was female :mad:. I kept a male around for a couple weeks to get a little pollen on the female (I think I'll try guerilla gardening this summer with the seeds. Any tips on that are welcome). Now I've got this one female sharing the grow space with the babies for my next (non-automatic) grow.

    I got some pictures here, a couple bud shots and one profile pic of the whole plant. It's about 8 inches tall and 10 inches wide (and the buds go ALL the way down to the stem... it makes it really hard to water but I think it's worth it;))

    All of these photos were taken in the last 24 hours... this girl still has about 2 weeks to go. A few of the trichomes have turned from clear->cloudy as of today (planning to harvest at half cloudy - half amber). How do you guys think this stuff looks? I'm not an experienced grower so I don't know how this measures up to what else is out there.

    If you guys like what you see I can keep posting pictures up to and including harvest:smoke:.

  2. that looks pretty good. I would try to take some cuttings off that and grow one to be a mother plant. so u can keep a garden going and grow sensomilla.

  3. You cannot clone an automatic flowering plant.
  4. looks good bro
    is that ur first grow under the 250 watt?
  5. kush - Yeah, first grow with the 250W. I kinda wish I had more power but 250W is the most heat my closet setup can handle.

    jmoney - Packzi is right about cloning. I wouldn't clone these things even if I could - they stay too short and small for the 5 feet of headroom I've got. I've got some northern lights seeds I plan on using for a clone setup later.
  6. whats ur temps usually and how big is ur grow area if u dont mind me asking
    i also have a small setup and was looking in to getting a hps setup ether 250watt or 400
  7. I got a 250w hps recently, the bulb does put off a lot of heat. However, its easily fixable with a <$30 homemade cool tube. I was CFL only for veg and temps hovered 78-83 because CFL ballasts also put out heat, when I took some of those out and threw in a cooltubed hps in my closet my temps are 68-74 and thats only with a 4" inline duct fan @ 60 CFM + some computer fans for intakes.

  8. My closet is around 8 feet tall and 8 square feet, no ventilation besides the door. The temp in the room that houses the closet is around 72 F and the closet gets to the mid 80s F inside with the door completely shut, usually staying around the low 80s F if I leave the door open a few inches.

    Bear in mind that there is at least an inch of clearance between the bottom of the door and the hardwood floor underneath it. If your closet/room has carpeted floors you're going to have higher temps inside.

    Unless you've got a huge closet or a closet with ventilation I would not recommend putting more than 250W in there.
  9. i have a 3x4x3 cab with exhuast and intake fans
    thinking if i got cool tube it would keep the temps down
  10. Hey all, I just took some new pictures. A few trichs are just turning amber now, though most are still in the clear-cloudy range. Harvest time is fast approaching.

    Just looking at the buds, it seems like a good 100-200 seeds could come out of this thing :eek:. I guess I'll just have to plant these little guys ALL OVER TOWN come spring :devious:.

    Next Thursday will be the the 56th day (8th week) after sowing the seed.

  11. Looks good, do you have a full picture of the plant? I want to compare it to my lowryders(today is 52 since planted). 3 out of the 4 I planted were female. I pollinated one plant but don't know if I did it correctly(tried with a paint brush). Grow journal in my sig if you want to check them out.

  12. There's a good enough picture in my first post. It's just 8 inches tall, not a big beast like yours.

    I'm a little pissed because in my last grow my plants were way ahead of this in height (though lacking in quality). I don't know what I'm doing wrong...
  13. Ah, didn't notice is was just 2 days ago.

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