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  1. Hi Gc

    Can any of you tell me if i was to put lowryder and lowryder2 in my grow room on 12/12 with the rest of my plants that are on 12/12 at the moment what the efects would be on the plants ie longer to grow less yeild shorter or taller ..

    Any advice on this would be very greatful
  2. Less yield and a smaller plant. They should finish in 9 weeks no matter what.

  3. The true attraction to auto's is the fact you can place them under any light cycle and they will flower and mature in less than 90 days. If you place them under 12/12, they will not grow as big(and they are not big plants to begin with), and you will hurt your yield(and they do not yield much even under optimal conditions.).

    It will work, but why waste money on seeds that you do not plan on maximizing the yield of? Most breeders suggest 20/4 b/c this is what gives the maximum yield.

  4. ^^^ answered better than I could. I was wondering where you got your seeds from, I want to do Lowryder for my next grow
  5. Thanks for the replys people im greatfull for info i will save the seeds for my next grow and put them under 20/4 ..

    I got my seeds from Picknmixseeds in the uk ..
  6. It depends on the method of growing.

    I have two Diesel Ryders in my closet now, one is over three feet tall, the other is around 28 inches tall.


    I am expecting around 1/4 lb from the two.


  7. And you are not talking lowryder and lowryder 2, you are talking Diesel Ryders, as w/ the Auto AK's I have grown, they can get up to 4 ft, but lowryder and lowryder 2 do not, I have not seen one over 24 inches tall. There is a big difference between lowryders and other auto hybrids when it comes to size and yield.

  8. I started growing diesel ryder and blue ryder, they are on day 47 and just started to show hairs. there over 17 inches tall, under 12 300watt cfl's and in 3 gallon buckets.. there is no way these will be done in a total of 60 days.. no way. is this due to the 3 gallon buckets? and should i switch to 12/12 to hurry this up, these plants are huge.

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