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  1. Can any one help me on growing lowriders???
  2. like how?
  3. Put lowryder seed in soil - watch lowryder grow. Transplant - water - nutes - love - you'll be good.

    Did you have any specific questions?
  4. Not to forget to harvest them and last not leased SMOKE EM !! [​IMG]

  5. Fuck yeah!
  6. No they are about a mounth old and not started to flower yet? Any ideas on what i could do???

  7. A plant either flowers on its own..if its a Autoflowering, if its not one of those a plant has to be in 12/12 to start. Either which way its a waiting game.
  8. I did Lowryders a couple times and all of them being Autos, flowered
    about 3 weeks after germ.
  9. Thanks for all your help so far but its needed again. Thy have started to flower now but it dont seem like the lil white hairs are growing thyve been the same for a few days now what should i do??
  10. Very easy, show pics!!
  11. I have done a few lowryder 2 plants now. all have gotten much bigger then 12-16" the breeder pack claims... more like 36 - 50.

    My first plant took 5 weeks to auto over to flower
  12. give it a week and flowering will increase alot. first week is slow
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    I had the same experience in size with lowryders 30-50.
    About 90% of my plants flowered about three weeks after
    germ. Pic is from a 5week old lowr. 2. Happy growing [​IMG]http://forum.grasscity.com/outdoor-grow-journals/728732-2010-outside-monster-grow.html

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