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lowrider 2 grow 2009

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by merlinz1, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hi all this is my first time growing lowrider 2 so any help a long the way would be great i have purchased some seeds from nl seeds i put in 6 seeds and 5 have sprouted and within 5 days there about 3 cm high amazing how quick they grow ounce out of the soil all most double in size every day i have them in a small home made grow box with a stock standard bed lamp in the top seems to be holding enough heat in there and there going along nicely ounce there bigger they will be going in to a shed lined out and under bigger lights of course will post some pics in next couple of days any advice a long they way would be great .:wave:
  2. yer thanks fat angel i have allready checked out ure grow nice job yer i will have some pics up tomorrow my brother borrowed my camera
  3. but before i can put some pics up i will describe what i have done i have used a stirophome box witch i have doubled in size using a nother stirophome box. I had them laying around from a meat hamper i recieved at christmas then i lined it out with silver lining and have just put a bed lamp in the top witch is using a 100 wat globe i was thinking of putting three in but i only one in at the moment i have no fan at the moment but i was not sure if it needed it because of the power of my light not being that strong its not much but is better than a cardboard box i guess i have put in 6 lowrider2 seeds and 5 have sprouted i also have 2 mazar x afghan seeds in witch i got from nl seeds for free and both are sprouted they seem to be looking really healthy accept the only issue i have so far is that they are growing really tall and bending i was just thinking i should lower the lights a little any advice would be great thay are also just in soil as well and are now 6 days old like i said tomorrow i will have pics up so hopefully some one will be able to give me a coulpe of tips thanks all
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    its been a couple days since my last post i have changed things up now i have had to put 6 plants in to my built in wardrobe were i have gone out and bought a 400 wat grow light ballas etc since the move there loving it. I still have 2 in my box under 200 wats of cfls and are doing good as well. I have put them in bigger pots now and im sorry about there being no pics yet my brother has gone away for a week so i cant get to my camera but i soon will and will take plenty of pics so i hope i get a few followers along the way that will be able to help me out peace.

  5. So you got a 400W HPS or MH? Those plants should thrive under that. Can't wait for the pics man
  6. yer thats my issue right now now my mh lamp is stuffed so i am using my hps i cant get to the shops for a nother 3 weeks so it has to do and i thought because the short life cycle there would probaly be no reason to swap them over then but they have stretched a bit and the leafs seem to have stopped growing they are 12 days old today and i seem to be a bit behind with some other lowrider 2 grows at this stage but there still standing so i hope they will be ok promise i will have pics soon.

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