lowlife autoflower seeds and dr chronic

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  1. I have been having problems getting in touch with Dr Chronic.. It seems the doc is on vacation or some shit and his automated secretary is handling everything... Ive had two 200.00 orders messed up in a row with no attempt what so ever to even respond to an email or fix anything. Ive used the doc before with great sucess but his track record is crashing and buring here imo

    Also I am wondering if anyone else has had difficulty germinating lowlifes autoflower strains.

    I picked up a 10 pack of auto ak47x diesel and a 15 mixed pack and not one seed germinated. Just to make sure I wasnt fucking something up I threw in a reg bean I got from a previous grow and it popped in 24 hrs.....

    I dont know if its just a bad batch or what but these seeds were all duds.

    Im still missing the second part of my autoflower order too

    just wanted to give people the heads up
  2. Doc chronic went down hill fast after hg420 went down so did he..
  3. really?!

    well that explains alot.

    by going down do you mean is not able to ship to the US?

    Either way, I guess its time to search from another seedbank
  4. Yes, there is some trouble in those ranks and not sure extactly what is going on. I use to converse via email on a regular basis w/ doc and I have not heard from him for over a month. Same goes for his right hand man. It is something to watch now b/c it seems everytime a good place get too popular, something happens. I would personally stay clear and see what developes before placing anymore orders, also, keep up the emials on your poor germ rates on those Lowlife. I think with the popularity of Auto strains such as these, there may be some short cuts being taken or maybe some old stock being sold out. Also, i have heard many reports of auto not flowering or showing sex within the first few weeks as most autos do, so there is definately some problems there.

  5. by going down hill I mean his business became horrible alot of missing U.S orders. I know longer order there. IM trying to find a legit bank since doc chronic wemt to shit. Also search for lowlife e-mail seen on another forum s person had poor germ rates and sent some fresh stock his self.
  6. word

    yea Im gonna email lowlife and ask if theres any way they could help me out.

    after 16 days 2/25 begun to germinate, but only barely emerged their taproot before ceasing growth. the others showed no signs of life.

    the other half of my dr chronic order is still MIA

    Im looking into dope-seeds.... see if anyone has any info on them and if theyre legit.

    my window of time is vanishing though, Idk if I have time to run an outdoor auto crop
  7. doc burned me too with no responses your not the only one..
  8. about 9 months ago i got 10 lowlife ak47 seeds, and i only found 9 seeds from ak47, but only 3 germinated. 1 male. the 2 ladies did do very nicely though. even after a 5 dat dry, they were very potent. i just got a strain called bob marley's best from the doc, and only 5 out of 11 popped. i know its not me, cause i also got 11 afgani x hindu kush, and 10 out of 11 popped. anyway... for the most part im happy with the doc cause three times i ordered from him, it took 10 days or less, and i have gotten enough ladies to work with.

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