LowLife Auto AK47 3 weeks in, CFL grow

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  1. I got 5 fem. auto ak47 seeds from the attitude seed bank, succeccfully germinated on 1/18 and planted.
    She's planted in FFOF soil and has been under 4 26w cfls for about the first week, i added a fifth light of the same wattage in the beginning of the second week as well as some mylar on the walls.
    It's the beginning of the third week now and i noticed its sex a couple days ago and it is indeed a female, so just yesterday i changed all the lights to 5 19w 2700k soft white cfls and added a fan.
    Its growing in my closet and the ventilation is pretty good, doesnt get above 78 degrees in there and its got two doors that i open a couple times a day to let fresh air in.

    here it is at Day 4

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  2. First pic - day 10
    second - day 12
    third - day 19

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  3. It's amazing how fast these strains grow,
    here it is at day 22 and there's noticable growth every day.
    if you look at the first pic you'll notice 3 brown spots on one of the fan leaves.
    i did some research, tested the ph and it was at about 5.8-5.9 and i believe its a calcium deficiency. Can anyone clarify this?
    I just noticed this this morning and ran to the hydro store and bought hydrated lime.
    I mixed a teaspoon in with a gallon of water and gave her a good feeding today. I hope this does the trick.

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  4. lookin good man other than the brown spots..i have a few auto ak's going as well, only about 1/2 - 1 week old tho. check out my grow if you'd like. ill keep an eye on this one.
  5. do you have any idea what the brown spots mean? im almost positive its a calcium deficiency, i hope the hydrated lime will fix it.
  6. looking pretty good so far mate. The brown spot could be a burn from the lighting do you spray your plants with water?

    They look nice and healthy. Hope you get a nice harvest :)
  7. ooooo haha thats most definitely the source of the brown spots. damn im so relieved it wasnt a calc def. thanks.
  8. happy to help hehe.

    Gonna be nice with some weed :)
  9. nice looken grow, and good luck.
  10. plant is 25 days old now and is really starting to branch out. white pistils are popping up everywhere. I added some FF nutes to it yesterday too. 1 tsp tigerbloom and 1 tsp big bloom to a gallon of normal drinking water. heres a couple pics i just took.

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  11. looking nice there mate :)

    Hopefully that will give you a nice harvest.

    Nice and healthy.
  12. Isnt auto ak one of the biggest growing auto flowering strains? I am really interested and want to try to grow some this up coming season. I was wondering if theres any way you could top/fim or lst them to increase yields. I would understand if you didnt want to fim cause of its short life cycle. But LST seems reasonable. But i would think if you started fimming early it would be able to create several new shoots before it starts budding.
  13. it is the biggest auto strain. can get up to 70 cm high.

    You can LST it like every other plant, you just have to be quick because it starts flowering so fast and it grows a HUGE steem.

    You have to watch out how much you wanna do with it because its life is already so short so it needs all the power it can get to grow big.
  14. how much were those seed? looks good btw
  15. yea man, idk about lst'ing an auto flower plant, there's no point imo. its gonna veg and then flower automatically, so there's no real reason to lst, unless you wanna save space on an already dwarf'd plant. as for "fimming" idk what that even means. the autoflowering strains are made to do exactly as they are described. veg for a short time then shoot into an explosive flowering period, the yield you get is pretty much pre determined and can get better or worse depending on how you treat the plant. give it the proper nutes at the right time and you will have a bountiful harvest. just be careful w/ these auto strains they're very sensitive to nutes.
    good luck man
  16. the seeds were 80 bucks from the attitude seed bank and they were 5 fem auto ak, and it came w/ 5 free power skunks, and a fem g13 gigabud. imo the attitude is the shit cuz they always give you some freebies from my understanding. and hell if i can yield at least an ounce from my plant i'll be happier that a school girl. i spent about 150 bucks on my whole setup and if i can get an ounce or more luckily it will all be worth it.

  17. the 150 includes seeds? and how long can seeds last w/out being planted i just really want one plant at a time.
  18. yea 150 including seeds, 80 for seeds alone to be exact. and i feel you about 1 plant at a time thats what i'm doin now, don't have room for any more. luckily seeds will last a couple years without being planted so yo should be fine.
  19. wow 80 bucks is alot for 5 auto ak.

    I got 5 auto ak for about 40$ in england. i believe it was about 22£.

    Thats cheap :)
  20. Is it branching out like that so quickly because it's one of the auto-flowering models? Seems like quite a few leaves on that beast for being 19 days :eek:

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