Lowfever's house glass pickup thread!

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  1. Me and my brothers picked up a decent amount of glass in the past few months. Im going to post all of mine and every one i get!:D

    First, i picked up a nice little 13 inch grav labs beaker with a tree perc a/c for 140 at inner eye

    photo (2)

    Then we got a roor beaker from serenity

    photo (13)

    (never used that a/c bowl lol just put it on there)

    Then we got a straight tube 21 inch Roor and that broke the second week we had it :mad: stupid kids
    no pics

    i was given a weedstar black messiah with a perc from one of my friends, thing is pretty sweet but not one of my favorites

    photo (14)

    a few weeks later i get introduced into sheldon black glass at a lhs and bought a nice beaker
    19 inch sheldon black (grasso i think?)
    very nice artwork in a nice bronze color
    18/14 diffused downstem
    nice little slide
    thick glass, great feel and hits amazing
    photo (22)

    photo (23)

    Then i sold my grav labs to pick up a nice vape, and then wanted a new bong so we got a nice 19 inch straight tube sheldon black with a HUGE 50mm downstem that is perc'd and has awesome rasta colour artwork and hits SOOO GOOOD

    photo (25)

    photo (27)

    photo (28) by billyshep, on Flickr
  2. Sheldon Black is the shit. I wish Gotham carried his pieces. I know NY Gifts does but its whatever. Nice quality pieces BTW
  3. Thanks man! I just went to a new headshop someone suggested today called wonderland on rt 17 in hasbrouk heights an picked up a sweet stemless grav labs that was 20inches for 120!
  4. Oh you read cosmo too??

  5. lmfao funny:p i live with my girlfriend!:smoke:

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