Lowest maintnence & hardy strains?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DCrist721, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. What strains require the least manitnense, I dont care so much about thc content as long as it can survive with minimal care. B/c I have a summer house in upstate ny with 37 acres where i could plant a decent size plot , but i only visit it about once a month. Id like to be able to package them and throw them to people so they come back to me for stuff. I dont know why you needed to know that whole story though...

    Edit: Apologize for the selling reference, changed it to be forum appropriate.
  2. Selling is an off-limits topic here. Kinda late to start an outdoor crop.
  3. Well, I've never grown my own, but I wouldn't even consider starting and looking into more unless I knew there was something that could survive with very minimal care. I mean, weed started out as a natural growing plant that no one took care of right? Also, like I said I've never grown and haven't looked into it much but it still gets pretty cold there at night so I didn't think it was smart to plant anything yet, not even my vegetables.
  4. how would the plants get water if it didn't rain for a while?
  5. is this a serious question?:confused:
  6. Like most things in life, the more effort you put in, the more you get out.

    If you want a crop with no effort on your part, it probably won´t be much of one.

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