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Lowes Oral Eze Saliva Drug Test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Lalcl125, Oct 22, 2014.

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    So I'm new to this site, please forgive me for yet another question on a drug test, however I'm extremely nervous. I am a moderate smoker, about 1gm a day give or take, and I had a drug test to take for pre-employment. I've been reading that generally THC is present for 36-72 hours, however this test wasn't one of the rapid results that I've been reading about. This was the Oral Eze Saliva test by Quest Diagnostics. The saliva was collected on an applicator that turned blue once enough saliva was detected and then packaged up to send off to the lab. This morning I brushed thoroughly and rinsed with listerine until it hurt way too much, I also alternated rinsing with listerine and peroxide before smoke a cigaret and rinsing with listerine again before the test. The applicator was in my mouth (mostly applied toward my teeth) and now I'm freaking out about the accuracy since it's going to a lab.

    Does anyone know anything about the accuracy of this test? Does it differ from the instant tests and if so how long would the THC be detected?
  2. I have a feeling this guy is trolling you or that he is just misinformed. Most of what I have seen/read online, and information that I have received from friends that have taken similar test, is that it is detectable in the saliva for 24-72 hours after smoking. This of course will vary from person to person and depends on how often you rinse with mouth wash etc. THC is stored mainly in your fat cells, not in saliva. Normally it is only detectable in urine for about 30-45 days in most cases so to say that the Oral Eze test that Lowe's uses will detect for 90 days sounds absurd to me and would make a urine test basically null and void for any form of drug testing for THC. If anyone else has any credible information please share as I am interested in hearing more about this as well.
  3. You failed, sorry. Maybe they'll forgive you if you say you used it once a month ago?
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    Oh,Quest Diagnostics?
    Great place. I get my blood tests from there all the time. Friendly staff, efficient, clean, and quality work.
    If you only put smoking off for a few days, and only did the listerine trick for one day, don't expect to pass. You should have put a bit more effort in. I would have done at least a week and a half. 
  5. I took a pre-employment saliva test a month ago. I used anti-cavity fluoride mouth wash, Listerine mouth wash, brushed my teeth a few times and drank Coke and coffee all before the test. I smoked everyday, the night before actually, and passed. They sent the results to a lab, too.

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  6. I took an oral eze drug test. I smoke less then a gram a week I smoked the night b4 about 16 hours b4 the test I ate a good big and was in a hurry didn't brush my teeth. And when they pulled it out on my I put 5 pices of stride gum in my mouth and placed the strip on the gum the entire time but it still had my saliva all over it. Is their any chance that I passed
  7. Why would u smoke the night before a drug test? Only a dumb ass would do that!

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