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lowering tolerance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bitchimightbe, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. i smoke 3-5 times a week for the past 6 months,
    not much i know, i used to smoke more :/

    how long will it take to lower my tolerance so i can feel like the first time again?
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    Wow, I wish I could go that long without a tolerance break... I've smoked once a day everyday for the past month only and I notice I need A LOT more to get even a buzz going and only reason I'm going on a t-break is because I wanna lower my tolerance so when I buy it'll last longer

    Edit: Also, sorry for not answering your question.
  3. lol its okay. ive never gone on a t-break so idk how long to wait..:0
  4. From what I've seen others say usually it's about a month average I'd say
  5. itll never feel like the first time, but take a 2week-1 month break and get 30 minutes to an hour of heavy exercise where you sweat the whole time per day and by the end youll be baked as fuck. i smoke like 8 bowls a day and after a 2 week break filled with exercise i get blown off a tiny bowl of dank
  6. You'll def notice in a week of completely not smoking... especially if you're physically active and don't have much fat on you. The only thing is that your tolerance comes back wayyyyy the first bowl or blunt back you'll be pretty damn high, but the next couple smokes the high will drop down significantly...if that makes sense
  7. 2 weeks do the trick for me. but, the only time i take t-breaks is when i'm too low on cash and don't feel the necessity to buy weed. but, if you want to get as high as your FIRST time.. i'd give it 1-2 months
  8. go clean until you cannot remember how it feels to be stoned. when that feeling comes back, it will hitcha like a fucking brick

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