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Lowering tolerance

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sharkwave540, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Instead of quitting cold turkey for a few days or more, have you ever cut daily weed consumption in half or go from smoking top shelf to mid shelf? How has it effected you?

    I know obviously it will take longer to lower tolerance this way but going to bed without my indica is so hard. The last two nights I only took a couple of hits, not enough to get blazed but in a better state.

  2. I've actually been doing  exactly this recently.  Instead of smoking my usual two bowls, I skipped a day of smoking and then smoked half of what I usually smoke.  In an effort to conserve I've been trying to make my weed last as long as possible while still getting as high as I'd like to.  
  3. I tried something similar. I basically just smoked every night before bed (always a small bowl in teh bong). I...well, my tolerance remained the same. So I didn't smoke yesterday, I guess this t-break might be happening.

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  4. I ran out of money and didn't smoke for say 5 weeks, and they first bowl back was sublime.

    Which do I love more: food or weed?
  5. Drink green tea - take some omega 3 - exercise regularly -  don't smoke 24/7
    That's all what you gotta do to improve your life with MJ.

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