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Lowering Tolerance

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MalamuteRdaBest, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Hello guys I am a new smoker and I am not sure what the term "Tolerance Break" means so I am not sure if it relates to my issue.

    My first time smoking it was some good medical grade chronic and it was through a pipe. It didn't work. I tried again and the effects came on within 2 minutes or so ( I remember it being really quick). Then I didn't smoke for a while after that, I smoke actually once every 2 - 3 months since I need my cash in other places. So I guess I am not exactly new, I just don't do it a lot to have enough experience.

    Anyways after that first time I got high within the same bowl I can never do that again with the same amount of good bud. Now, 2 years after my first hit I need at least 1 joint, usually 1.3 - 1.75 of a joint to get high. Usually I mix it up and do a joint and a couple bowls but man it gets expensive. I want to be able to do it like my gf: smoke half a J and be good or smoke cheap shit and get high but I can't. Is there anyway to lower my tolerance? I am looking into a good vape but it is currently outside of my budget. I haven't tried brownies yet so I am not sure if that will change anything.
  2. If you smoke as little as you say and you're can't get high from half a gram then you're doing it wrong man.

    Make sure you hold that hit in for a good 2-5 seconds to get the most out of it. At least 2 or 3 seconds. You have to inhale it all the way into your lungs.

    You do not need to worry about your tolerance bro. Literally 0.3 should get you very nicely high.
  3. yeah like britbrit said try it. Seriously you have to be doing it wrong if you only toke as often as you say i smoke every weekend and what you smoke currently in a session would get me way high. Inhale all the way in till you cant inhale anymore hold it 5 secs breath it all out repeat repeat repeat till your smoked out you will be in cartoon land dude lol
  4. You may just not be getting as high. For me, even when I had a low tolerance, I could never recapture the feeling from the first few times I got high. Even with a lot of bud.

    If that isn't the case for you, try holding your hit longer.
  5. Honestly I forgot to check back on this after I made this thread so I apologize. Thanks for the input but I do hold it in for a few seconds and believe me I am not speed counting. Maybe I am not holding it in right? I inhale normally like I'm breathing except now I'm just sucking it through a pipe or joint and I am almost sure I don't have to "swallow" it like you can do to water or air right?

    I think I got this problem...If it isn't my tolerance being a prick how come I am not getting as high and how can I fix that? I really don't think it is the quality of the weed, I was using AF wreck and skywalker and my gf was high outta her mind. Thanks for answers in advance!
  6. t break is the only option once good weed and smoking plenty of it isn`t doing the trick anymore. Its a bitch as who doesn`t love getting high as fuck evertime and often. Take at least sun mon tues weds thurs off it completly you`ll be high as ever fri sat if you do this and then stick to 5 off 2 on if you dont your tolerance will just come back faster than ever 5 off 2 on is the way forward if you really want those highs every week
  7. Pretty sure you got cursed by a warlock, because god damn it takes me smoking high quality weed for like a month or 2 before i realize my tolerance is too high

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