lowering the 600w hps...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by chikkybabe, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. my seedlings are going gr8 so far under this monster as its still quite far away from them...what is the optimum height to have my light from the plants...will they grow faster with it closer, im worried ill fry them!

    should i try lowering the light on my babies or leave it 4 now?
  2. the temp is around around 30c.
    will light height affect growth rate?
    its fricking like walking on the sun as it is...lol
  3. yea it'll effect it a bit, the closer the more lumens, but you also dont want it to be too hot, so get it as close as possible without being too hot on your plant.
  4. well i lowered it today but only by a few inches, and even that seems to have cranked the temp up on them by a few degrees...have to keep a close eye on them now.
    will leaving the light fartheraway make them long and stringy??

    thanx for all the advice!
  5. keep the light away from the plants if u have a heat problem.

    the gains u make from a bit of extra light will b offset by the heat. to much heat will make them streach inorder to keep cool. a 600 is a monster, more than enough light at the higher height.

    besides to much heat will stop growth then kill them. id rather have lanky plants than dead plants. wot about u?
  6. good point!
    . temp has been touching 40c at times now at the pots....more venting necessary...i think ill put it backup???
    how much heat is too much...alot of different views on this one!
  7. the plants grow best in the mid 20s. to low and they grow slow cus the water dont move as fast and if the temps low enough it will just shut down, if it freezes then the cells r damaged, to high and they cant hold enough water cus they cant cool down fast enough, if the temps get to high and/or the plant drys out then again the cells r damaged. some plants can take diff temps to others. i wudnt like to put a number on it.

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