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lowering pH with white vinegar safe?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by outdoorchamp, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. heya I needed to lower the pH of my soil and read that vinegar could do it.
    I only had white vinegar available so I used it and havent seen that big of a drop in the pH but the seedlings have become droopy and look weak.

    Have I made a big mistake??? is this a safe method to use??

    should I follow the vinegar with a rinse of my well water which has a pH of 8 either way?

    cheers to all,
  2. You want to mix the vinegar into your water to lower the water's PH. Then check your run-off PH like normal and repeat if necessary.
  3. You can use lemon juice or vinegar. I prefer to use a proper pH down but you can use them.

  4. Ok I've only read about vinegar and lemon juice now, what brand of pH down do you use? can you find it at a regular retailer like home depot, lowes etc?

    Thanks for responses
  5. Try the pet store, look for the aquarium stuff.
  6. I hope you're not pouring vinegar directly onto your plant or soil.

    Vinegar and lemon juice will work to lower pH because they both are acidic, but I have found that their effect wears off quickly. You still can use them, just expect your lowered pH to be back up the next day.

    If you use vinegar, MJ plants prefer balsamic vinegar from the Modena region of Italy, with a splash of extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil and some basil and oregano stirred in, perhaps a little grated romano cheese...oh wait, that's my salad dressing. :p
  7. Yeah you GOTTA have the basil. Mmmmm.

  8. that sounds like a good salad dressing maybe some if it will carry over into the aroma and taste of the plant, not so bad maybe? lol

    I mixed the vinegar with water but like you said its effects were short lived.
    The plants survived the dosing but Ill go with the pet store option since it seems longer lasting.
    Thanks for the tips everyone, blaze on!:D
  9. yeh, a legit ph down is worth the meger investment and time it takes to get it.

    vinegar/lemon juice/baking soda are good old fashined ways of doing ph down and up, but we are in the 21 century now...

    we've got much better products availiable now, for resonable costs.

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