Lowering ph of FFoF soil.

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  1. First time soil grower and first time using FFoF soil. (all hydro before). My soil ph tester is reading in the mid 7's, obviously too high for soil (6.2-6.8 correct?) so I added some ph down to some H2O, got it at 6.3, and will water with that.

    But I can only water so oftenright? I have good drainage, but not like I can keep adding water until the ph is right, or can I?

    I though FFoF was suppose to have buffers to help keep the ph? (I use RO water)

    Just keep watering with the 6.3 water until it gets in range? Add some blood meal to the soil?

  2. I noticed ffof runs a little hot I usually mix 25% perlite or 25% light warrior. Usually gets it right where I want it.
  3. My gf did the mixing think she did it pretty heavily but I'll check into it and maybe remix.

    We've been doing a Loy of reading in this section Nd thinking of going with some the compost mixes and teas we've seen here soon.
  4. If that soil tester is the one with the prongs you stick in the dirt, more than likely it's giving you an inaccurate reading and you are trying to correct a incorrect pH.

    The best thing you could do for your plants is toss it in the garbage and get a cheap digital pH pen, or even test strips, which will be much more accurate.

    Do you have a meter left over from doing the hydro grows?

  5. Yeah that's what I've been using (2 prong into dirt)

    I have my old digital pen I used for hydro, I'll check the runoff.

    Also checked on the mix, she mixed in about 25% perlite as per the bag.

  6. What's this meter you're referring to?
    And Tommatt's "digital pen"?
  7. Just checked the runoff and it's 6.9. Seeing as how my waters ph is lower than that (RO water, ph reads real low, but guess it's normal) so that should get the ph right where I want it. Will keep on monitoring it.

    The meter I was using is the cheap $20 they sell at home
    Depot in the garden center

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