Lowered PH too much, changed nute solution, now cloudy smelly water

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  1. Long post, sorry...

    Second grow here, my ph got up to 6.8, so, I added 4ml of GH brand PH down to my little 4 gallon res. it only had 2 gallons of solution in it. So, I think I screwed it up pretty good. The plant got a little yellow in spots and growth stunted. So, I changed my nute solution as it was due for it anyway. I went from the transition mix ratios ti bloom as it was also due Growth came back quickly and the plant seems ok albeit still yellow in spots. But, the reservoir now has a musty odor and cloudy water.

    It doesn't get much light in the res, it's capped with holes for the hoses. My air stone is working. But, it's foaming up a tiny bit. EC is 1.69 w/distilled water as base.

    Should I add hydrogen peroxide or hygrozyme? I've heard peroxide called a bandaid and that once you start you must continue with it.

    Any advice?


    Just one plant as the other was male. Rock wool transplanted to hydroton. Drip to drain in a 2x2 tray w 1000w hps.

    Let me know if I can offer any more info to improve advice.

    Thanks in advance. You guys always help me out quite well.

    Sorry for typos. Posting from phone.
  2. sounds like the reservoir just needs a good cleaning. if you can, scrub and wash out ur res with water and bleach and then thoroughly rinse out with water, then allow to air dry before using again.

    as far as the plant goes, i wouldn't be able to tell you much without seeing some pics first but you could give the plant a nice flush with plain pH'd water and see how things go from there. try to monitor your pH as often as you can. (at least once or twice a day) its the little things like keeping your pH and ppm balanced that will pay off with a nice reward in the end.

    good luck to you my friend. =)
  3. first you said your dwc only gets some light.... NO LIGHT is the answer you should have said... fix the light hitting the water

    then don't use bleach unless your between grows... too much and you'll have a melt down on your hands
  4. I think I figured out how it happened. I have a 5 gallon bucket that my busted ro unit pumps into for my humidifier. (very dry in Vegas) I checked ec in there and it has a thin slime on it. The contaminated ec meter must have spread it. So, it is likely algae or bacteria. So, do I use peroxide to get rid of it? It may have made its way to the plant. Not sure how to check?

    What is the consensus on peroxide? Is it just to remedy bad grower habits? Or, does it genuinely help the plant and garden?
  5. once you start H2o2 you can never stop... so i'd try just wiping the entire dwc down as best you can before using peroxide
  6. Do not mean to hijack but why do you hallways need h202 once you start? I use it now allways but i have been considering benni's for one Dwc of mine with root rot. I have flushed my system and the roots with h202 so strong it made gasses come off the root. They are white for a day then brown again(I have bleached everything and i mean everything overnight but it still comes back on those roots only)

    Once again sry to hijack just don't think its new thread worthy.
  7. I saved my girls. Check the journal. I'm in the gym or I'd post more...
  8. What do you think it was that saved them? The beneficial bacteria?

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