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lowercase's Guide to Smoking Inside

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lowercase, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I have been living at home with my parents after graduation since I got a job in my hometown, and the inability to have a nighttime toke made me turn to smoking inside rather than sneaking out, which was more risky.

    Anyway, I have been experimenting with different methods and some good general tips for times you have to stay inside (rain? snow?)

    Here is my current setup:


    I chose this bong for the purpose of stealth. Mostly because it fits ice cubes, it's not going to shatter at night if I drop it, and not noisy to set down. I find ice to be a very quiet smoke through. No bubbling, no noise. And everything seems 10 times louder when you are getting high.. 4 cubes works well for me

    The tin foil hat to the right of the bong is very important. Make one to fit your bowl so as to extinguish your burning bud when you are done inhaling. Then you won't get any whisps of smoke coming of the bowl when you are done. Wisps of smoke are unfiltered and will start to stink up inside the room.

    To the right of the hat is your common sploof (cardboard tube stuffed with a few sheets of fabric softener). I hit it, hold it, and blow as much of my lungs out as I can, then with my mouth still in the tube, I take a full breath of air through my nose and push it through the sploof, which will get any lingering smoke out.

    Then there is the hand towel. I hold this at the end of my sploof which captures a good amount of the smoke particles if you push it through at the right speed. To slow it will leak out a corner, to fast and the smoke will come through more. Oh, and I do this in a bathroom, and I point that sucker at the fan and it sucks it right up and out to ... wherever those fans go..

    I dump the ice in the toilet, but I don't flush it yet because I did once, and the ice cubes sounded like I flushed rocks down the toilet... let em melt, go chill out for a while. Hide your shit.

    if you are in a bind and don't have sploof tools, I spent about a month using towel-only sploof. I used a body towel and folded it in half hotdog style, then roll it up to make a cylinder. I put my mouth on the curved part of it and blow into the towel. If you do it right, the smoke will all be caught by the towel. Use a dark towel through, cause big hits can leave mouth marks on the towel (which will come out in the wash).

    When I started out, I was trying crazy shit like smoking inside a large pillowcase with a hat on which would help create space. It seemed to work well, but I felt it was a little over-the-top..

    I have never used fabrise, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to use. I have some hand lotion which smells like real honest-to-god grapefruit. I like to use it if I feel it smells..

    It's ok to flush it now..

    I guess I can take questions if you have any :wave:

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  2. Nice work lowercase, thats pretty much the gig for indoor smoking. The only thing I would add is if you want to eliminate smell completely get Febreze Air Effects! I highly recommend it cause it's a very strong, affordable odor eliminator that you can get anywhere and combined with a well made sploof and a decent fan you will not smell weed at all gaurunteed... I used to smoke in my college residence every day and my roomate never paid his tuition so there was College staff at our room 3-4 times a week and I never got caught with this set up:D
  3. ^This. that freebreeze air effects is great bro.
  4. very veryyyyy good list. :) but shouldn't this be in apprentice tokers?:confused_2:
  5. +1. ive been smokin in my room for a few months now almost every night usin almost the exact same stuff you do and havent been caught. :smoke:
  6. Very good guide. But I don't think a 'seasoned toker' would have to hide their smoking.

  7. ya never know
  8. More to the point, a seasoned toker would respect their parents and not smoke in their house.

    This thread is Apprentice material, but yes it's a good guide I suppose, though smoking in someone's house without their permission or knowledge is disrespectful and rude.
  9. false its a cold world in the real world i smoke at work useing a smiller method i bust open an expo pen and fill it with a fabric sheet works perfect
  10. I hope you get fired then. I know I would fire someone working for me if I caught them smoking at work.*

    *Unless they had a valid medical condition that required it, and even then there are edibles, etc.
  11. Sounds like your putting in a bit too much effort, i smoke bongs all the time in my room and the only thing i do to prevent smell is put my hand over the bowl to prevent smoke escaping, the sound of bubbling is quiet if you just inhale lightly.if i had to go to all that effort to smoke i wouldn't enjoy it as much. Good thread though, very informative for beginners, nice one.
  12. Oldskool how many more times are you going to post that picture up? Because it got annoying the first time.


    Honestly, we all get that smoking in a house without permission is wrong, and that you shouldn't smoke at your employers work place, and that anything new smoker related goes in the "Apprentice Tokers" section. We got it 15,000 posts ago. Honestly, we did.

    But we can't all be perfect. Hell I've litten my fair share of bowls under the vent hood at my workplace, but honestly even if I didn't, I wouldn't go around acting like my thoughts on the matter were the only right thoughts on the matter.

    Sorry if I am stepping out of bounds on this one, but honestly if you were anyone else it would have gotten said to you a long time ago. And it wouldn't be this polite. What you are doing is not helping the community in any way, shape, or form.... And it is the equivilant to being a grammar nazi.

  13. iv seen you tell this to alot of people in other threads haha. so im assuming you either never smoked in your parents house without permission, or they didnt mind:smoke:
  14. They asked me not to so I didn't. It's called respect, something too many kids today lack.

    Then again half the kids here lie about their age just to post here in the first place, so I guess expecting them to be honest at home is expecting too much.
  15. i smoke joints in my room all the time and i just slightly open the window and then i get a towel and put it along the bottom of my bedroom door so the smoke dont escape out into the hall :D works so good the smell is completely gone the next mornin
  16. haha, I just open all the windows in my room and turn up the music. Then just make sure all the smoke makes it outside. USUALLY doesnt reek up the pad :p
  17. Its just a technique Old School Grower... Just because you are seasoned doesn't mean we are now conforming to a set of values. Its not just smoking at home, this is for anywhere inside. Hell if I have a sploof in my backpack I wouldn't care to smoke under a stairwell, hell I may even be adventurous and smoke in a library and go check out a Ghandi book all in one day!

    But at the end of the day, kicking back and smoking a bowl in your parents house is disrespectful. But trying to hide the smell and clean up afterwards without them knowing isn't anything wrong at all i think.:smoke:

    I dont really mind lowercase's guide, I smoke blunts outside always...but last year when I had my house w/ roommates we'd burn blunts and bongs inside all day without concern..

  18. I agree. I let my parents know that I smoked, and that I wouldn't smoke in the house. That was our deal and I have yet to smoke in the house. How would you feel if your kid was acting so dishonestly...

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