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Lower tolerance back to zero! FAST

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by motox12, May 2, 2006.

  1. I heard that drinking a lot of alochol can lower your tolerance dramtically...

    Is this true?

    If so how much per say?

    Would be great yo know.:wave:
  2. i actually find it to be the opposite. usually the next 2 days after i drink i have a hard time getting ripped on weed alone.
  3. I can't think of any properties of alcohol that would burn fat cells that contain thc. So I don't really think it can lower your tolerance. I may be wrong, but I can't really think of any way how this is possible.
  4. from my own experience, i honestly think that a lot of lowering tolerance has to do with losing the psychological familiarity with being high. after a week or so away from it, i almost "forget" some of the feelings associated with smoking. so, i'd avoid alcohol or other substances that put you in a different state and just stay sober for your break. dunno if there's actually anything to that but it seems to work that way for me. then when you have that first session, it's like "oh yeah, this is awesome" good luck with the tolerance break.
  5. Alcohol WILL NOT lower your tolerance.... have a few beers before a spliff and it will get u more wasted tho for sure :smoking:
  6. If you really want to lower your tolerance quick, the best thing you can do is drink lots of water and work out.
  7. i think your getting a different piece of information confused....

    drinking a few beers, or having a few shots is said to give a bowl more of an impact...

    but isn't that what you would expect it to do?
  8. Perhaps since THC is alcohol soluble and alcohol is a diuretic, it might help you out. Try it :D
  9. I 100% agree. You just become to used to it, and eventually anything will become boring if you're doing it constantly.

    Go sober, you'll appreciate it more. Plus, like stated above. Your first toke with be damn awesome. :D
  10. soberiety and water, clear your system of it.
  11. There's real no speedy way to lower tolerance. (Well, none really known yet.) Just go with the old standards like everyone is saying:


    Most people tolerances will lower at different rates. Metabolism and diet have a big deal to do with it. Just give it a week or two and blaze. You'll be feelin' fine. :)
  12. Im not saying that drinking alcohol works on lowering ur tolerance of smoking, but something that no1 addressed was that when u drink it makes u dehydrated, which is why u have a hang over, so if u lose fluids in ur body that contiain the THC, just like drinking alot of water and flushing out i can c how it would work, just theorizing

  13. I agree, I also think its largely mental. If i take like a 4-5 day break, the first few times i smoke are really good, but then its basically the same. So the only way to have your tolerance lowered for an exteneded period is to take a long break. (IMO)
  14. You know what will really lower your tolerance, smokeing more weed! I heard that it stays in your head and has an opposite effect then all the other drugs, so you actualy get higher easier the more you smoke.
  15. No.

  16. lol what are you on?
  17. i took a year and a half off from smoking and now i smoke only on sat nights for the last few months and i still get high like its my first time. Before the break i used to smoke heavily. 3-6 2 gram blunts a day with 1-2 other people. Now i only smoke 1-2 bowl hits from my piece (small glass spoon) and i am high like i just smoked for the first time but nbot completely obliterated it is very nice. I reccomend taking a break for a month and then only smoking certain days of the week as opposed to every day maybe thur-fri-sat or something and then take the other 4 days off and you will get nice and high everytime you smoke

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