Lower lip tattoos.

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a lower lip tattoo. Does anyone know about how much they cost (or what you paid) and hows the pain? Minor, somewhat bad?
  2. do you mean the inside of your lower lip? dont know about the pain but the guy at the tattoo place in our hood had "VAGATARIAN" tatted there.
    sorry i could be of no help.
  3. I'm pretty sure they're one of the most painful places to get a tattoo
    and it fades hella fast and I've heard that they actually disappear after a while

  4. I'm thinking SmokinGirly is right, sounds VERY painful to me....
  5. I've read a lot of reports on BME that say it's the least painful thing to get tattooed, but that is does fade fast (not a big deal to me).

    I've already gotten a Camel logo tattoo on my hip bone which hurt like FUCK at the time, but the ladies seem to like it and think it's neat so I'm good with it.

    It seriously took like 3 fucking hours to do the outline and felt like someone was slicing me open.. Luckily it was at my friends house and we had a bong or I never would have made it through that shit.
  6. its painful, and yes, it will disappear. shouldnt be pricy since its not detailed
  7. Think I could get 2 done (me and friend) for under $60?
  8. if ya know somebody in the business you could get it done for free.
    assuming your walking in the shop, they usual charge a minimum fee for any tattoo, plus tip after that so your looking at alot more than 60. best luck is just go to a shop, talk to the guy about what you want, and then try to talk about a price.
  9. Are you talking about the inside of your lip or the outside?
  10. I knew a guy who got WFO (white folk only supposedly) tattooed on his lower lip, he said it hurt like FUCK.
  11. are you talking inside the lip near the gums?

    I know a bloke who got one there, dared my mates step dad
    when we were all a little do drunk in the city one night.

    Got FUCK YOU hahahahaha he was bleeding like a motherlover.
  12. I was gonna get Fuck you on the inside of my lower lip too, but i decided not to. I've been told they fade within 3 years and that yes it is painful but its quick as fuck. just gotta tat however many letters you want and boom done.
  13. Hahaha am I the only one who found that funny? :p
  14. I'm going to get something tattooed on the inside of my lip, where you have to pull it down to read it.

    I was thinking of going with "fuck you", "suck it" or "smoke pot", but that's still up for debate lol

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