Lower leaves yellowing and some dying off.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Chronicdom1992, Nov 5, 2022.

  1. I’m in third week of flower and there some yellowing creeping into my bottom leaves and seems to be spreading a bit. The plant seems healthy and the bud points are growing nicely. I would just like to pre empt any problems as I’ve noticed this and don’t want it getting worse. Pictures attached. Thoughts?

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  2. Mostly a good looking plant.
    But looks to me like she's a bit low on nitrogen.
    Are you organic or synthetic?

    If you organic I'd make up a batch of blood meal tea.
    If you're synthetic then I'd bump it up a little bit with grow juice or whatever you use that has nitrogen in it...

    By the way I'd also thin her out a bit. The interior of that plant a little bit too thick.
    She got quite a bit of foliage going on there that she don't need.

    Happy growing...
  3. plant looks good to me. I see the concern. I attribute that to lack of light bc it is so far down under plant. Possibly a shading issue. I agree with grow to grow. Thin her out a little.
  4. week 3 perfect time to do a little lollipop and just yank off all those bottom fans dont be scared week 3 is the recommended time to clean her up and let all the bud sites get some light she looks good to me and ready to start making nice buds take it easy on the nutes stick to your schedule adding extra stuff could lead to toxicity
  5. I’m growing organically in super soil. Thanks for the advice guys. I’m going to lollipop her tonight and get rid of most the lower foliation. From what I’m reading it’s the smart thing to do

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