Lower leaves yellowing and drying?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gmoss2, Nov 3, 2014.

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    This is happening on one of them. Another is starting to. I was over watering so I cut down on my watering but I think I let it go too long. Any suggestions on recovery? Maybe a deficiency?

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  2. This happens to all older growth, I take off the older stuff that looks like this

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  3. How do the new leaves look? That's most important. Keep fighting off the urge to water. Continue to let the soil dry up a bit so the roots can stretch and grow. It's so important during veg. I know you plan on transplanting soon from what you said in another thread, I think once you do things should turn around.

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    Yes stuff will be here for transplant Wednesday and I told my boss I needed that day off for a doctors appointment specifically so I could get it done completely on Wednesday.

    The top leaves look ok I was just worried about those since it's my first time and days feel like weeks haha. Planted 10/12 should I'm assuming just under a month under low light these leaves normally do this? I'm just worried about the time span because when I researched the people said the lower leaves fall or can be removed in later stages but I was expecting this young

    Ps fighting every urge to water these things like crazy haha

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  5. This is almost normal for me. I have the same thing going on 3 weeks into bloom. As long as top leaf color is all good don't even worry about it. When it's all dried up just pull those suckers off.
  6. Ok thank you guys so much!

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  7. Could also be nute burn possibly

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  8. Haven't added any nutes just what's in the soil which didn't bother then as seedlings. Going all organic as soon as the rest of my mix gets here today :)

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