lower leaves turning yellow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pooldude, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. my plants are in a hydro set up and are about a foot tall.the lower leaves are turning yellow with bright green veins..iv'e been running 1/4 strength nutrients so far but i'm gonna bump it up to 1/2 strength..the plants are fairly bushy so i'm hopeing they are just needing stronger juice.i have a couple plants in the same set up that are about 6 in. tall and they are doing fine..am i on the right track thinking they needed a stronger nutrient solution..and before someone suggests i go to the overgrow site,iv'e allready been there..i'm just still not quite sure about it..i'm gonna flower them at about 18 in...i have about 4 1/2 feet to let them grow and if they start to get too tall i'm planning on tieing them over would that be ok...thanks
  2. can anyone help me out with this post..i'm a wreck over this! this is my first time growing hydro and i don't want to fuck it up. iv'e got to leave town tomm for 4 days and i don't want to come home to a bunch of dead plants..i'm thinking of changing my nutrients and just going full strength..like i said my small plants are doing fine but the bigger and bushier ones are the ones with the problem..thats why i'm thinking they are nitrogen deficient...it's starting at the bottom and working it's way up the plant..and only on the bigger fan leaves which are starting to dry out...thanks to all those who reply...
  3. Sometimes the lower leaves turn yellow late in the flowering cycle. Sometimes the lower leaves don't get enough light and turn yellow and die off. But you may be right about your ferts not strong enough, what fert formula are you using and what brand of ferts? Also what pH are you maintaing and how often are you changing the water?
  4. Thanks for the reply papa.i'm in the 4th week of veg.i'm using 400 watts of mh light and nothing is shaded very much..it seems the bigger the plant the worse the problem.the lights are 18 in away.and the temp is a constant 72 degrees.with about 50% humidity..i change ferts every 2 weeks and am using bottle water..and adjusting the ph to 6.5...i'm using IONIC 5-2-6 for hard water.i'm using that 2 litre PVC eb and flow setup.and watering 4 times a day for an hour .geolite is my medium..thanks again.
  5. I don't know eb and flow as well as the bubble bucket. pH, seems high, try lowering it to 5.6 to 5.8 range. EC/fert level needs to be around 1100. I think, buts it my opinion over their board, that the plant is feeding off itself for nutes. maybe the pH is too high or the nute level is too low. Maybe another EB grower can assist.
  6. thanks for the info..you have helped me in the past and it's much appreciated..i tore everything down and sterilized all the parts and started off with fresh everything went to full strength nutrients with a little superthrive...thanks again..

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