Lower leaves turning brown and dry

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  1. Hi, first time grower here. I have grown other plants from seed and thought marijuana would be no different so made the mistake of not doing enough research before starting my plants so now I am learning as I go.
    I started my plants 3 week ago and now have them in 3 inch pots. Lighting is 4x 55w 3600L CFL 5000k daylight. I have been watering about ever 4 days enough that I get a light run off from bottom of pot. I did feed plants 3 days ago with Floranova bloom at half strenght. Plants have not been topped or anything yer. Lighting schedule is 24/0. Temp in grow room in about 21 deg C not sure on humidity. The soil that I am using was an organic soil from Costco which I have had for a few years. Leaves started I was thinking it could be ph so I bought a meter and water that I was using was 7.3. Lastnight I wateted them with ph of 6 and used enough water so that I got abit mote run off than I normally would do. Any suggestions?

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  2. Forgot to add, should I cut these leaves off? The brown leaves are dead, when I touch them they will crumble. Also, when I transplant to a 3-5 gallin pot should I purchase some better soil loke Fox Farm?
  3. Or if thete is another soil for indoor please recommend

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