Lower leaves getting down and slow growth

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  1. I know i have had nitrogen problems, but i have already fix them, now i have nut burn in one leave because i added too much nuts, of the lower leaves that look turned down, all of the leaves are full yellow or only q bit, is this normal? If so when will the plant return to normal growth [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Looks to me like not enough drainage/overwatering. Could be something else though.

    First grow using cfls.
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  3. You need a larger container, some real soil (because that stuff you're using looks to be about worthless) and back off on the watering. Have you done any research/reading on taking care of a MJ plant with the indoor grow? If not and you want to keep one alive, you really should do some of that. There's a bit more to it than tossing a seed in some potting soil and waiting for the magic to happen. They hate their roots sitting in wet soil. The soil needed to grow this plant is very very light and arid to allow for the drainage it needs. Nutes don't grow a plant, they feed it. LIGHT is the thing in the indoor grow that produces a plant and harvest worth the effort and expense an indoor grow requires. Your plant looks like it is or has been hungry. The overall coloring of the foliage tells you everything about your plant. If it's not that rich blue/green we associate with a healthy plant, it's either been fed too much or not enough. Not watering correctly will screw the plant up...and I suspect most of your problem comes from that, but just guessing. If you use water that is out of the pH range badly, it'll eventually screw your plant up by locking the roots up where it can't take in nutrition. The best route for the new grower....after reading up on how to do this in the first place, is to buy a bag of prepared grow soil. It's designed just for this task and works like a charm. It will also feed your plant for an extended period of time because of it's mix. But you've got to learn how to take care of it, what it needs during the different points of it's life and if you're going to give it nutes, definitely read up on what they are, what they do and when in the plant's life it needs the different ones. But start with a repot into some decent soil for sure. A good quality basic potting soil....not any of this off the shelf bagged crap you get at Home Depot or WalMart, mixed with gobs of perlite for drainage can work if you can't get the actual grow soil, but you need real soil. You can usually buy a bag from a plant nursery that will work...some basic good quality generic potting mix, and then add perlite to it at about a 60/40 soil/perlite ratio ...or even more on the perlite. Our soil looks like it has more perlite in it than soil really, but I know that's not the case. The perlite just create airspace so the plant's roots can drain off. Good luck. YouTube has some great videos for about anything you need to know and the forum has a search bar at the top of the "forums" page that you can use to pull up posts related to different topics. But educate yourself about what you're trying to do if you want it to have a good outcome. TWW
  4. First off all, thanks a lot for your time, are you talking about transplating the plant and add different soil with perlite or changing all the soil?
  5. First off all, thanks a lot for your time, are you talking about transplating the plant and add different soil with perlite or changing all the soil?

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