lower leaves dying?

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    im not sure what im doing wrong, i only water like every two days. the bottom two sets of leaves are dying and the 2 from the top is dying at the ends of the leaves. help please.



  2. Those twisty ties your using could be the problem, that main steam is going to get fatter and you dont want to snap it just to cut the twisty tie off. Next time use a stick or something to prop it up against. That might be "choking" the plant, but i dunno.
  3. the stem is really thin, ive got a fan blowing on it, but there is plenty of extra room for the time being to grow. i was just planning on cutting it off when the stem got strong enough to support the leaves. this plant did so good as a seedling, i cant figure out why its doing badly now.
  4. It looks to me like a lack of light. It looks like your plant has been stretching for some time. That stem should be thicker than it is. I assume that zip tie is to stop it from tipping over?

    Lower you light as close as you safely can get without burning the leaves. Get some more light in there too. How many/what kind of light do you have?
  5. 2 flouecent grow lights they put off close to no heat so i imagine i could lower it right on top of the plant. i posted earlier about the weak stem and a fellow member told me to put a fan on it and it would strengthen up. its been about a week though with no improvement. it has new growth coming out of the top.
  6. Your light is definately too low. The plant is reaching to get closer to it. Remember lumens drop off very rapidly the further you get from the source of light, You can see this by holding your hand under the light and moving it further away, notice how the brightness level diminishes very quickly.

    Always keep your lights as close as you can safely get them. Again put your hand under the light just above the plant, if it's too hot then back it off a little. If your hand gets hot (not warm) then it'll be too hot for your plant and will cause growth to stop where it's too hot. You'll notice deforming leaves if they suffer heat stress from being too close.

    You can also put a fan pointed right at the light to help keep your plant cool.

    Good luck and post back with your results.
  7. lucky enough i have tomorrow off...IT WILL BE DONE.

    as always, thanks for the help guys.

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