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  1. I'm a new grower (to anything), and I've been noticing that the bottom leaves of my younger plants (2+ weeks old) turning yellow and shriveling away. Also some of the top leaves have a few yellow spots speckled on them. I'm growing indica/sativa crosses under a 400w HPS.

    The first picture shows the shrivled bottom leaves.

    The second picture shows a few yellow spots on the leaf tips.

    Any ideas? Thanks

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  2. next picture from the top

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  3. Hey, i have the same problem, and i looked for 2 hours online trying to find out what the hell those spots were. I assumed bugs might have done it, so I cut the spotted leaves off and sprayed the plant with insecticide. It only happened on the older leaves.
  4. Cut those bottom ones off, they've had it. As for the brown tips, could be to much fertiliser. Take it easy on the chemicals. I wouldn't worry to much, the plant has new growth coming through and it's a healthy lookin' colour. Good luck!
  5. The lower single leaves will normally dieback first week or so.but you need to clip those away ..they are in contact with the medium and can provide a home for mold,,mites,etc.

    A few blemishes at this point may be called "youth" look at overall health..getting it into a better pot and medium will improve it greatly....feed only when it appears to ask for it,,then regularly..


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