Lower leaves canoeing or rams horn called sometimes.

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  1. OK I have 1 bubblicious, and 1 white widow

    My specs
    Ocean forest
    Worm castings
    PH 6.5ish
    400w 2000k hps with 6 23w (100w eq) cfl 2700k placed around plants
    Temps were 78-80f lights on, 71f lights out
    Rh 45%
    Fox farm trio nutes

    Only the bottom leaves are canoeing under, they are not discolored or burned from nute, now they were fine a week ago and I adjusted the ventilation and after that the temps were around 86f and leaves temps were around 86f with a temp reader I use for my nitro truck motors. I checked some stuff today and noticed the duct going into the garage wasn't pointing up, it comes out behind my fridge in the garage and I had the duct turned up so it wouldn't blow against the back of fridge hurting airflow. Anyway I moved the fridge and it straight and sitting against almost flush on the back of the fridge. I believe this caused hi temps and will find out tonight when lights come on. Would heat cause this, its only on lower fan leaves, upper and middle are fine. I can post some pics in a couple hours.
  2. I hope someone can tell me what's wrong

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  3. Today is first day of week 4 flowering

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