Lower Leafs Of 3 Week Old Seedling Going Yellowish

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  1. Hi folks, this is my first post on here however I have been growing as an amateur on and off for a few years now.
    I have recently started a very low budget grow with Nirvana Bubblelicious and DNA Genetics LA Chocolat.
    The LA Chocolat seems to have alot more growth than the Bubblelicious and were both looking healthy apart from the Bubblelicious having a slight yellow tint to it. However my DIY extraction had somehow tripped something and the heat shot up to 40c for an unknown amount of time, no more than a few hours at most.
    There is no signs of any burning to the leaves but the lower leafs on the bottom 2 nodes are starting to turn a shade of yellow, which I believe to be a nitrogen deficiency but I am feeding the required amount of nutrients for the age of the plants.
    The nutrients I am using is Biobizz Grow with a 1ml to 1L ratio. The soil is just basic potting soil as I have a low budget at the moment for growing due to moving home.
    I have attached a picture for you to take a spy at.
    Will these plants recover or should I do any trimming to the leafs that look ill?
    The temperatures are usually staying perfectly around 26c with the 150w HID bulb on them, however to be on the safe side I have moved them back under 3 18w 6500k fluorescent bulbs incase my extraction fails on me again. I will have to source a new power supply for the fans as something is not functioning right with the current supply.
    Thanks, and eagerly awaiting a reply.
    image (1).jpeg LA Chocolat
    image (2).jpeg Bubblelicious

  2. By the way, the sand on top of one of the plants was to rid the plants of a gnat problem, an inch of sand on top as soon as I noticed the wee buggers did the trick. I have since removed the sand due to the plants needing repotted as the roots have reached the bottom of the pot now.
    Repotting will be done today or tomorrow for both plants into their new forever home, I also have a question about mixing perlite with the new soil even though I was unable to do that with the soil that the plants are currently in.
    These plants are going to become mother plants for a SOG as soon as I am able to take enough cuttings from them.
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    I don't think they look that bad. I don't think those first leafs are suppose to live long. I admit I'm not an expert on that one phase of a plants life but I wouldn't change anything. Your new growth looks good.
    The bubbleicious has a little bit of saw toothed leaves. That is usually from being too close to the lights.
  4. i wouldn't worry about those early lower leaves.  they never last long for me.  if they don't yellow off, i cut them off.  i clear cut the bottom 8-12" of all my plants for good air flow.  i have a small fan blowing over the top of the containers.

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