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  1. Under 5 CFLs with white poster board on walls, temp is 76F, humidity is 55%, soil/sand media mix. Nutes used are Botanicare Karma, grow, and bloom(not used yet). As well as Cal Mag. Water PH'd to 6.3-6.8 but I found tonight the runoff water PH'd at about 5! Each have been fed twice the worse one was fed a 3rd time with the cal mag added for first time. though it was already worse so it's not like feeding it the 3rd time hurt it. and i flushed the other...this was yesterday morning.
    Anyone have any idea whats wrong?
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  2. With a run-off ph of 5 your missing nutrient uptake of N, P, K, Ca, and Mg... flush and get your ph run-off at 6.5 for optimal health
  3. So water them with a higher PH maybe like 7?
    I would flush with any water you have available, keep checking the ph run-off, when it reaches the ph  run-off of the water your using, then add ph'ed water of 6.5 until it runs through at that ph. Clear?
  5. Ok got it. So it's really just deprived of nutrients at this point?
  6. Also how do I keep my PH runoff at right level after going back to 6.5 ph water to feed..
  7. Yes, it deprived of those nutrients I mentioned. You can adjust the ph by checking your run-off each and every time you water.
  8. Thank u for all the help!
  9. Your very welcome.
  10. Ive gotten my run off PH to about 5.8-5.9. Thats with 3 times the pot size of water poured on. I'm afraid i'm going to drown it. should i wait a day or two before i flush again? Sorry for all these ?'s just worried bout my babies and wanna save them!!
  11. Keep flooding the plant until it's right, trust me, the plant can take it. If you want to can jerk that girl up and wash the soil from the roots and replant into fresh soil. I was working with one dude and he had to flush 60 gallons to get his plant right. Be gentle and always hold the roots with your hand and wash the soil away and get her into fresh soil. Set the plant in a large tub of water for a while if you want, then proceed with the transplant.
  12. Ok so the one that is worse i just transplanted to a coco coir/perlite 50-50 mix. Kept flushing and the soil would not go up one bit.
    You've changed to a soil-less mix, your optimum ph run-off should now be 5.8.
  14. ok, im good now! did same to other plant and they both got a yummy feeding too. hopefully they recoup! next feeding should i give nutes again or go back to water reg then nute water and so on..
  15. Water ph'ed, check run-off, water ph'ed, check run-off, water ph'ed with feed, check run-off.

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