Lower fan leaves slowly yellowing and dying moving upwards to other leaves

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  1. I noticed this problem 2 weeks ago. Slight yellowing and browning slowly covering the entire leaf until it died. I tried to research what deficiency it could be or if it was a pH problem. I don't pH my water but if it was a pH problem would I notice yellowing on the entire plant and not just lower growth? It seems to be moving up the plant slowly and I'm worried it might kill the plant before I can do anything. I've already spent a lot on this grow and can't really afford to get a pH meter at the moment. Do you think my plants will be okay? This has been preventing me from flowering them for a week now. I know nothing about deficiencies and really plants in general. Just the basics I guess.
    The strain is cheese.
    Both plants are about 7 weeks old.
    Light is a 600w vivosun LED.
    I have the fox farms nutrient trio. After I fed the plants 1/2 the dose of grow big 6-4-4 I noticed this problem. I've heard that people who use FF nutrients have problems with magnesium deficiency after feeding. I can't tell if that's the problem though.
    I water with distilled water with a pH around 6.5
    The plants are on a 18/6 light cycle right now.
    I don't water until the first inch of soil I dry on top. So every 2-3 days.
    I will post pictures of the plants and try to label the time they were taken between the past few weeks.

    Aug 19 when I first noticed something was wrong

    Aug 21st the problem starts to progress

    Today with multiple dying lower leaves on the plant IMG_20190829_121908.jpg
    IMG_20190829_122728.jpg IMG_20190829_122808.jpg
    If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. I feel like this plant might die if I keep letting this problem continue getting worse.
  2. Might be magnesium because of the yellowing between veins and the fact that its lower leaves. What happens is the plant pulls magnesium from the lower leaves which is why the top seems unaffected.
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  3. Your plants look a bit "rough"......almost like too much or too little water or something........what is your temp and RH in there?
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  4. The temp is between 75 and 83 degrees, I'm not sure what the rh is but I mist the walls twice daily. The plants are in my sunroom and it has been getting cold at night so I've been keeping the closet door closed so the light keeps the temp up. I agree she is looking a bit rough sadly..
  5. That sounds promising. Would calmag help if this is the problem?
  6. How many times have you fed it water with nutes??? I also wouldnt suggest spraying the walls...it just seems it could cause more problems than it's worth....but thats just my opinion
  7. I haven't given the plant anything since I noticed the problem. Just distilled water. I flushed it a couple days ago to get rid of the excess nutrients if there was any still. But it didn't seem to help much.
  8. That's your problem....that plant should have been fed multiple times......in my opinion now

    With the flush you did.....you rid the soil of the nutrients it could have gotten.........start to feed it and cut those dead leaves off
  9. Sounds like a plan, ill feed her. Also do you think the dying leaves might be magnesium deficiency? I'll keep updating if you're interested.
  10. I think its a GENERAL deficiency. Start feeding them...and things will turn around for you I think. Don't go OVERBOARD with the nutes though thinking more is better........you will make it worse if you do that.
  11. The plants recovered and looking a lot better now :) IMG_20190902_015206.jpg
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  12. What did you end up feeding her?

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