lower back tattoo

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  1. Does anyone have one? I'm gettin one tomorrow and i'm really trying to not freak myself out, lol. I know it hurts, but did it hurt really fuckin bad? the back of my neck one hurt like a bitch in some spots.
  2. the Tramp Stamp?

    As long as it's not skin touching bone (like the ribs) it shouldn't hurt more than the neck
  3. tramp stamps are hot.
  4. cool- shouldn't go to my ribs, it's a guardian angel- sitting with her knees pulled up and head down- wings are going to be a bitch though i bet.
  5. eewwwww
  6. lol- ewwwwww what?
  7. they're all the rage with low class sluts...

  8. lmfao.

    Well I havnt considerd the spot myself yet but I doubt it will hurt bad. No more then typical spots people pick. Get some ribs or chest bone tattood. Thats a tingle haha

  9. A little harsh don't you think?
  10. yes, i have a friend who married a tramp stamper, and i was thinking man the windmill of cocks thats been thru her...poor dude
  11. Like Smokingirly said there pretty low class.

    That being said, if your thin you should expect it to hurt if its a real tramp stamp. Getting a tattoo on your tailbone certainly isn't all sunshine and farts.

  12. lol- i'll give you that some are for sure- but this is just the start of many more around it- she will at some point be in huge garden- or what ever inspires me at that moment. one of the perks of military for me- traveling and meeting some great ink talent.
  13. Oh come on guys don't make the OP feel worse than she already does! :cool:

  14. do what you gotta do cause technically people find girls trashy wherever we put the tat and at least you can hide and show it as you please, my rule is never get it where it can be seen wearing my wedding dress, but after the wedding do whatever!

  15. I've been married for 18 years, i get a pass lol
  16. double eewww.

  17. shit yeah get a whole damn forest back there then. this is the case where its not the "tramp stamp"

  18. wtf is your problem you weirdo not a tat fan GTFO!
  19. my kids keep asking me to get something with their names or something- so think imma go with 2 fairies for the girls and they can pick out colors, and 2 dragons for the boys- either on my back or back of my legs/ankles- i have a few old flowers around there already- wow- sorry, lol, high and rambling, lol.
  20. You should get an incredibly obscene tattoo. You know... to mix things up a bit.

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