Low yield.. WHY???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ganjamen, May 27, 2006.

  1. Ok, so my plants have been flowering for like a month right now, and the colas are not colas, they are some patetic hair bundles that will last like one joint. Plants are like 1 and a half feet tall, some where topped, some where pruned, some where left alone. Used 17-17-17 soluble fert for the vegging, and 15-30-15 for flowering,. Water evry two days or as needed. Now the thing is im moving out in 4 days with no chance of taking the babes along. So im screwed but want to know what happend and how to correct it.

    Leaves look green, not tipped. Black soil, bought it in a green house.

    They are like 20 plants underneath my 4 x 39 watt 4 feet system. The tops are not shadowed by leaves cuz i prun or rearange. Anythoughts??

  2. How far away is the light from the tops of the plants?
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    Think i managed to get some homemade feminized ak-47 type seed. I certainly hope so.

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  4. explain 4x 39 watt 4 feet system. If by this you mean you have four 39 watt lights for 20 plants then theres your problem right there my friend. You need at least 40 watts PER PLANT and even with that, don't expect amazing yeilds from floro's.
  5. Yes.
    In this case low yield is from not enough light. Also depending on the strain you might not be near bud growth spurt. If you are only a few weeks in growing a sativa, bud will be very sparse and spindly. You can not judge yield accurately until it is cut manicured and dried. Then you will know if yield is good or bad. Figure for flowering you need a bare minimum of 30 watts per square foot.

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