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  1. 7 weeks into flowering stage. Plants have been looking great, but low yeild. Grown indoors in soil. Any reason for low yeild? First time grower. Thanks
  2. yield is determined by many factors. lights, nutes, genetics, etc., etc.
    would need more info and pics to be of any help
  3. 7 weeks is probably too early to chop anyway with most strains bro? If you already have, then it's possible waiting another week or so might have given you the results you were hoping for. :(
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    The more light,good nutrient's,more air,more stress,more soil,more time,the bigger the yeald.Basically the more of everything,get's it bigger.
    One last thing.Only don't expect it to get big if it's an autoflower.
  5. that
    That and you didnt mention anything about yield increase training. LST, cropping, HST, topping or fimming are all great ways to increase yield
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    Dude I woulden't miss nearly the biggest part man.Incase you where skimming fast I wrote "more stress",I meant put more stress on the plant.Whatever.later fellow :ey: :ey:
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    i saw that afterwards. lol was skimming pretty quick. BUT you know damn well that the newbies would need clarification on "more stress". lol now he has things to put in the search bar!
  8. my dam autos are 6 foot tall. Auto anubis. I thought it was going to short but had to keep moving the light up and up. That plant is on the ground in a 3. Gall smart pot

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  9. that is unreal for an auto man good job! happy harvests :D
  10. yea your years of experience tell you that....... auto does not mean short, tall, fat, skinny....... it means it has a "chance" of flowering automatically. If 18 inch autos are what you expect is the definition of autoflower, you should come tell that to my 14 foot auto ak47, or my 11ft auto sweet tooth..... just think before ya flap.

    One thing i will say to all the die hard, "gotta have a gallon of soil for every 12 inches of plant to not get root bound" 6ft plant, 3 gallon potter, nice work boss!!!
  11. I grow in coco so I could probably get same results with 1 or 2 gal smartpots. The coco is so light and fluffy the roots just fill the pot and the grow threw the bottom. I top drip multiple times a day

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