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low vs. high THC dosage effects

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ziltoidx, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. hey guys, im new to smoking and was wondering if other people get the same effects as me.

    when i smoke a small amount of weed i feel happy, i get hungry, food/drinks taste better, and things become slightly more interesting and/or funny.

    when i smoke a lot of weed, i feel like my heart is beating way too fast, i get paranoid but mostly because of the heartbeat thing, hoping it won't explode, i can't focus on anything, like i can't watch a movie or anything because it feels like my mind is falling asleep and waking up every few seconds, like it feels like when you're falling asleep and you hear some loud noise that wakes you up, only its happening like every few seconds. i get dizzy, but only when i move around, like just moving my head feels insane. if i am totally still i don't get dizzy. the dizziness is similar to being drunk only a lot more powerful, but when im drunk i feel dizzy even if i am not moving. i also get extreme dry mouth, and because of this i drink a lot and then have to pee a lot after its all over. i get auditory hallucinations, i hear ticking/clicking noises, things become much louder. these effects last for about 3 hours and then when i feel i can move again, everything feels ok but not really great.

    do you guys experience similar effects or did you when you started smoking? and how do u control this if you have very potent strain?
  2. since your new you have a really low tolerance probably. when you smoke a lot your just getting really stoned. After a while you wont get that high anymore or youll get used to it and learn to enjoy it. Dont worry about your heart exploding either. itll pass. just keep smoking.
  3. haha mangg. u smoknn wayy too much.
    i get the same sometimes too, i try to avoid it as much as possible.
    just chill after u hit w.e it is ur smokn to see how your feeling.
  4. #4 Schizo-Manic, Feb 10, 2009
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    I smoke everyday, I feel more euphoric when I take fewer puffs, when I smoke a whole blunt to the face I feel more sadated. Most people think that the more you smoke the higher you get, which is bs. When you smoke so much it's just a waste of weed you can't get any higher. When I first started smoking I used to stay high for like 12+ hours enjoy that low tolerance while it last..

    "when i smoke a small amount of weed i feel happy, i get hungry, food/drinks taste better, and things become slightly more interesting and/or funny." The fact that you know this about yourself is great why smoke more if you feel happy smoking less? Think about it you save weed
  5. If you get rapid heartbeat and paranoia it means you smoked too much. Cut back on your consumption. Both are symptoms of too much.
  6. I agree ^^ You've smoked too much if you're freakin out like that. Just chill on an amount that you feel good with
  7. Yea, sometimes less is better.

    Also depends on what you are smoking out of. My glass piece, the bowl is perfect size and gets me nice and good. While my bong, I can smoke the same amount of bud and get twice as high.

    In essence, I use my pipe for getting a relaxed high where I can still focus and do things, and the bong for when I want that little extra kick and have no responsibilities for a couple hours.

    Hope this help and just remember to enjoy yourself.
  8. ok thanks u guys. i never actually freaked out, i knew nothing was going to happen, didn't have a panic attack or anything. i just kind of felt like going to sleep but couldn't because of paranoia that something MIGHT happen, thats all.

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