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Low tolerance + weed hangover?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheSurface, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, new here its my first post. I smoke every week or two with friends but i never have bud personally.

    Yeah but anyway, yesterday we smoked a small bowl between like 4 people before eating and i was already really high. We smoked a little throughout the rest of the afternoon/night but i was really high for the duration, even after munching out on pop-tarts, cheese-coneys, doritos, and reese's cups. Am I a freak or just really lucky?

    My second question is that smoking a medium amount or more will always make me feel wierd the next day. Its not really a high feeling but everything still sort of feels feely and i just feel out of wack. Is this from only smoking occasionally or just an atypical symptom and the way my body responds?
  2. i know the first couple of times i smoked i woke up the next day and felt weird. Im pretty sure its your low tolerance level. Because when you wake up your neroceptors are still sending out thc even in small bits, so its still circulating around your system. I could be wrong but it seems like the most logical way to answer it.
  3. the weed hangover is the withdraw of the THC chemical.
  4. keep blazing young samurai ;)
  5. well, smoking has various effects on the body. In my experiences, my train of thought is different and possibly less organized and I feel more tired throughout the day as well as a few other things. The more one smokes, the less recognizable these effects are, and that is the point where one becomes burnt out. They constantly feel that way and can no longer distinguish it from what used to be their "norm". I for one can say that my entire outlook on life became totally different after smoking bud, I'd say for the better actually.
  6. Ya, i felt this same way the first couple times i smoked. But after a week or so of everday smoking i would be normal the day after smoking
  7. Bullshit, there is no withdrawal from THC, I remember that "hangover" although i wouldn't call it that, i used to love it.
  8. i remember after the first time i actually got high that feeling stuck with me for like a week man, i thought i was perma-fried haha
  9. Yeah, it happened to me when I first started toking. I wouldn't call it a hangover, more like a feeling of grogginess that eventually faded away. If you keep smoking, that will eventually fade and now I feel as good as new when I wake up.
  10. Just because there are no withdrawal symptoms from THC, the chemicals are still flushed from the body and withdrawn from you, or did you think THC stayed inside of you forever?
  11. The first couple times I would smoke, the next day I would feel really stupid and mess up simple tasks. Maybe it was just a coinceidence idk
  12. you probably had a hangover bc you ate so much and didn't pace yourself that you passed out before your metabolism coulda broke all your food down so you wake up feeling shitty for a little while.
  13. i used to get that, but only after days where i spent the entire day blazing. i all ways thought it was because everything was so much better when i was high, that when i wasn't everything just seemed slower.
  14. Thanks for the responses everybody, I guess its a regular thing when you're an inexperienced smoker just to feel out of it the next day
  15. I'm going to agree with Flarkington. I've never felt the "hangover" in my early stages, only after an entire day of tokin' and eatin'.
  16. Ya if you wake'n'bake and smoke all day... the next day you're just gonna have a hard time waking up, you're gonna feel like you're coming down all day, least till you smoke again.

  17. Yeah I would agree with that. I remember my first few times smoking I would still feel like im high for a few days after. Kinda a cool feeling I guess. Wish I could still be high that long.:(
  18. Yes but the fact that there are no symptoms means that its not a hangover... kinda self evident there don't you think? And also THC takes a while to leave your system not just a day
  19. 1. I would like to appoligise since I have done some more reaserch and have found that "withdrawl" is simply the addiction. (I find that its more of a habit)

    It was my dumbass friend who I will never beleive again that told me that the "hangover" is caused by the withdrawl of the THC chemical.

    2. I has come to my conclusion of what causes a "weed hangover" is the simple fact that you go to bed while intoxicated.
  20. #20 Yero, Aug 6, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2008

    hey man, thats makes so much sense for me, if i got to bed blazed i feel like shit the next day, but if i sober up before sleeping im fine, how did u find this out??? do u kno any more info about why it does that

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