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low tolerance isn't as good as I thought...(long)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by alicedee07, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, this is kinda long. Since reading that one thread posted here a while ago about cannabis and how the brain creates tolerance to it, everything makes sense. For those of you who didn't read the thread, I'll sum it up as quickly as I can.

    Basically cannabis is very distinct in tolerance building than many other drugs. As a certain plateau is reached, your brain simply "switches off" your cannabinoid receptors, and basically after that point no other amount will be able to get you higher and you return back to baseline much quicker than you normally would. So basically the more you smoke the less high you get and the less you suffer cannabis' infamous side effects which include: lowered coordination and motor skills, short term memory disruption, lack of motivation, and decreased ability to concentrate.

    Now this makes sense to me a lot because I've known a few people in my life who smoked 12-15 blunts a day and act completely normal, don't get high at all, and just didn't seem to suffer the side effects of cannabis. Now I've never smoked that much, but I was a 3-5 blunt a day smoker for a good amount of time. During this point the side effects which I suffered were very insignificant, the most I would have is maybe some small short term memory issues 4 hours or so after smoking. Now for the longest time I've been a once a day smoker, my tolerance is really low, and I'm really starting to notice some side effects.

    Here are the side effects I've been having for the past 4-5 months since I've become a once a day smoker:

    1. Worsened short term memory. Seriously it gets really annoying sometimes I forget the STUPIDEST things, and it sucks when it happens at work.

    2. Decreased attention span and listening. Now I've always been not so good at listening, but mannnnn it is so bad now =( I recently had a fight with one of my best friends over my lack of listening now.

    3. Insecurity. Lately I've been more insecure about myself. I'm talking being paranoid about it. And there's absolute proof that it is because of cannabis. Last year when I was a 3-5 blunt a day smoker I used to go in to work high sometimes. I would be very sociable and laugh a lot with the ppl I work with. Now being a once a day smoker this year I've tried going in two times, and wow I just can't even talk to anybody anymore. I just feel so insecure about myself it's so bad. I never thought this would happen. I can usually at least hold a conversation with girls. Now when I'm high it's practically impossible to talk to them.

    4. Decreased motivation. Lately I just don't feel like doing shit lol.

    So just like the article said, I think the best way of smoking is finding a median between as to suffer least amount of side effects while still achieving an enjoyable high. So I guess I can either smoke more like I did last year, or smoke even less than once a day, maybe just on the weekends just so these side effects stop hindering me. Anyways I was wondering if anybody else is having these kinds of issues, particularly people who smoke once a day like me. How can one achieve a favorable median with cannabis?

  2. Yeah I feel the same way when smoking indica dominant strains. I try to smoke them just at night so it doesn't matter if I fall asleep or not.

    Smoking 'couchlock' weed before doing anything makes you not want to do it or just procrastinate like crazy. I've learned to take care of all of my responsibilities first before I smoke. Then if I don't do anything else that day, its no big deal.
  3. yea i have been thinking a long time about taking a tolerance break but i really just dont want to. But i have been noticeing lately that my highs dont last as long and arnt nearly as strong enless im smoking a bong
  4. I think it's funny you called it 'suffering' side effects.
  5. IDK your side effects are all part of the fun of getting high to me.

    I personally smoke several every day, I work from my home, so I smoke while I work.

    I find it very relaxing, makes putting in long hours a breeze, I sometimes put in a 16 hours work day just cause I get so into my work, and you know thats from a heavy sativa whirling my brain around lol.

    I am an internet marketing nerd, and I just leave my bubbler packed, and take a hit every 20 min or so and just keep a nice constant flow while im working. I could never go back to working for someone else in a office, I need my bubblie on my desk lol.

    (btw I don't get number 3 or 4 really, tho. I actually get the opposite of number 4, I work harder when I smoke, I get into my work.)
  6. all day everyday, babay
  7. Decreased attention span and listening, Insecurity, and Lack of Motivation are also signs of depression too.

    I'm not saying you're depressed...I don't know anything about you except the 4 things you listed...but maybe you might have a few issues that you need to work out.
  8. at least if you are depressed you get some xanax for cheap! I wish I could convince a doctor I was depressed, I want some damn cheap xanax.

    Always gotta look at the bright side lol. :hello:
  9. stop being so lazy. look at what others have accomplished in life and get some motivation. motivation doesnt come from just smokin weed, YOU gotta get it. it wont just come all of a sudden while smoking or even taking a t-break.

    you gotta train yourself. do something, then smoke up. make a plan and follow through with it. keep thining about it. blazing after doing something feels better than just smoking because its a reward and not something you just do.

    it cant hurt. dont be scared of doing anything. you can do anything you put your mind to, even while ripped. make goals and accomplish them, even if its as simple as going to the store or even getting a job.

  10. Oh I have worked them out for now. EVerything is great. What I mean by insecurity is that I get really quiet and withdrawn from sober people 8 or so hours after getting blazed. So if wake n bake for instance, I will be like this for most of the day: withdrawn, quiet, spaced out, and just plain fucking lazy (which is why I prefer to wake n bake on a beautiful Sunday when I have nothing else to do as opposed to wake n bake before school or work). Even if I get blazed before bed I will feel this way for a little bit of the next day too. The only time I don't feel this way if I don't smoke the whole day, then the next day I am 100%.
  11. No kidding, short term memory is fun shit.
  12. What Scorpio said was brilliant, but nearly fifty years late:

    "[a] hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving..."
    -Albert Einstein, "The World as I See It"
  13. i dont notice these side effects unless im smokin' schwag, so i try to avoid it as much as possible:)

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