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Low tolerance is 'killing' me

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deleted member 197774, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Obviously my new low tolerance is not 'killing' me, but its really annoying me and getting me sick sometimes. I used to smoked a bunch, everyday, up until a few months ago when I moved (long, stupid story) to the next state over. I used to chill with my best friend who lived in the same neighborhood as me everyday, so we would pool our weed together and smoke pretty much most of the day, everyday, after he got back from work. This went on for years.

    Now I just moved to the next state over (Mass) in December. I obviously I had to jump around connects for a bit to find pot and bought from the recreational shops here for a bit, but those taxes are too high. So I found this awesome guy, I buy in bulk now but I only smoke like 0.3g at night, maybe half a g to myself only at night now, to make it last.

    Problem is, when I go to see my friend, lets call him Jeff, I only see him like once a week now. Cause I cant drive cause of my epilepsy and its an hour out so I need to find a ride or he needs to come out. So each week I'll see him we blaze up like we did back in the day and smoke a bunch of butts too (which i dont smoke alone anymore either), and the whole next day I will feel disgusting, like I cant get out of bet without puking, dizziness, its bullshit guys.

    tldr: Used to blaze up all day everyday with my best friend, then I moved, now I dont smoke as much and now whenever I go to see him we blaze as hard as we used to, which my tolerance cant take anymore, and I feel super shitty the whole next day.

    I dont know what to do. I love my best friend, but I hate the feeling I get after I see him the next day.
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  2. Try smoking less, find your sweet spot and hold steady.

    It's not a competition.
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  3. CBD is used to counteract the effect of too much THC. You might consider getting some high CBD weed you can smoke while your friend blazes the high THC shit, or have some on hand to smoke if you start feeling too high.
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  4. well its a better case then me man. Try the opposite for a while, why don't u? I keep smoking and smoking trying to find that sweet spot and, well... i find it still lol. ok my point is that if you want to smoke more weed you should grow (more) weed because the sentence
    is the real problem. Its your guilty conscience. Time to get your neurons ripping like they should, and u see now I have to roll another joint ffs. But I don't feel guilty and instead say Thank God for Cannabis :)
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  5. Eliminate the cigs and see how you feel.
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  6. Low tolerance is great, saves $ unless you like throwing it away.. Some people gotta do a $50 dab to get loaded, you really want that burden? Lol

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  7. The human body contains a vast number of complex chemical feedback systems that circulate organic chemicals in our blood very few of which have been studied in depth. When a given drug causes the level of a specific chemical to significantly drop, it takes time that might be hours to days for that chemical to return to a normal balance. Sensing sites along the bloodstream for that specific chemical detect a drop and then send out other messenger chemicals to sites that create the chemical to produce more. Conversely the opposite occurs for an increase in the chemical. THC affects significant numbers of such chemicals in are body that in turn cause like cascading secondary affects.

    Anyone that consumes THC just during evenings daily will not have "low tolerance" but rather high tolerance though not as high as someone that consumes daily all day because it takes much more than a day to return to a normal balance. That is also why it takes so long for people to become clean for drug tests. Although one may have a high buzz for just a few hours at most, one's neurotransmitter levels take several days to return to a reasonable normal while other chemical systems in the body that were affected by the high are also out of whack that also takes days to balance out during which time one may feel what is usually described as a haze or fog. All hallucigens and nervous system drugs cause such effects to various degrees as well as a tolerance build up.

    By consuming daily one never gives one's system a chance to normalize and worse the build up of THC in all manner of body tissues increases the time to do so. That is why a person that consumes daily needs far more days to pass drug tests than someone that just smoked once at a party. Those that consume daily eventually reach a "mellow" state where all their chemical systems are out of whack at a constant level. In that state they may feel reasonably ok but if they stop, their body's chemical feedback systems will slowly change back to a normal level and it is during that changing period that people usually feel cruddy until it balances out. It is a key reason some consume all the time but the penalty is a relatively weak high at most and a lifestyle that is narrowly around just getting a buzz all the time. That cruddy haze and fog is in any case much less than even a mild alcohol hangover. It does affect my appetite for food the first couple days and my motivation is low. Note although there are not surprisingly many daily consumers on this weed board, there are 4 times as many people that smoke recreationally only a couple times a month so smoking daily is not the most popular style.

    As someone smoking occasionally over decades that dislikes the mediocre buzz high one gets with tolerance build ups while preferring extra strong highs only possible after tolerance breaks, I go through the cruddy phase regularly. Lets say I have not smoked over a couple weeks and then one day at noon for one hour smoke a full gram of high THC flower and then stop. That would give me a wonderful super enjoyable high. I've learned not to keep that up say 6 hours later in the day because regardless of how much I later consume I won't come anywhere close to what I felt from 1pm to 3pm. And worse if I do so, the cruddy feelings the next day are sure to be stronger. So the next day I feel like one does going to work at 7am Monday morning after long weekend and just a few hours of restless sleep. And then find one is out of coffee. So yeah no hangover but until lunch time one is not likely to be lively while at work. If I rate that next day as 90 on the cruddy scale, the second day might then be a 50. The third day a 20, fourth day a 15 and fifth day a 7. A week later maybe a 3.

    Today is day 4 of my t-break, I feel way better than 3 days before, with tomorrow the big day 5 for a super high as I plan to use a disposable vape pen with 90% THC. After tomorrow may smoke Thursday some and then begin another tolerance break of at least 4 or 5 days.
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  8. You sound so intellectual at the beginning of your reply then mellow into a laymen lol. But yeah I agree mostly. I smoke once or twice a day when I can afford it and when I can't I don't. I like uppers so this is also my balance. As a teenager I smoked half ounce a day off the 20 a gram buds. (sold it to both high schools so it paid for itself... Ahh to be young again) now a heavy day to me would be a half a gram. Anyways yeah just took a rip off of a Gelato cart and I'm rambling.

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