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Low Tech, Low Budget grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mileaminute01, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. I began my grow project a little while back. I'm not a pro nor am i looking to do anything complicated. I germinated about 10 seeds from a bag of regs, planted them in 32 Oz tubs of yogurt with some MG.
    I have been letting my plants grow with normal sunlight and so far i have had mixed results. All of my plants are alive. I do, however have a few questions to any of those who may know more about the subject than i do.

    First off, Is it possible to grow this way? could i have a positive outcome?
    Also, while i was getting rid of dead leaves, i happened to grace the main branch with the scissors. soon after, ALL the top leaves looked like an upside down umbrella. I chopped he top off and was ready to toss out the plant when i noticed new leaves growing from below the top of the young plant, so i have let it go and still continue to water it with the hopes that someday the plant may bounce back. If not, at least i get good learning experience. Well, is there a chance for the plant to eventually make a comeback?

    Also, i'm pretty sure i've had my plants for over a month. I still can't tell if they started sexing yet. I've read up on how to tell males from females but i just can't tell. My opinion is that i haven't gotten that far along in the process.

    Finally, and this i have been trying to find out with no luck so far. I live in the south, where the heat can be quite intense. My plants receive a mix of direct and indirect light. What is the best thing to do? can i grow with indirect sunlight? i dont want to put my plants out there for the world to see, so i am careful when i bring them outside.

    Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help.
  2. you can look at the stickies at the top of the page, they are permanantly stuck at the top so new ppl can read.
    anyway, it is not a good idea i heard to bring the plants outside and inside very often. Because something about the light cycle changing is bad. You can grow with some indirect light, but obviously direct is better. If u can just find a spot that they get alot of direct light, leave them there and nature will take care of them.
    there alot on internet about sexing, but chances are u still got a little while til they do. u prob look into nutrients for bigger and healtheir. nutrients for a whole year only costed ME $21 this yr.
  3. ouside, the days have to get a lot shorter for the plants to flower. plz- plant in the ground or move up to larger pots.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I have been reading the ''stickies'' but i was looking for particular information regarding my little project.
    when it comes to nutrients, i have read that my plants may not be ready for them yet (?). Like i said before, i've only been at this for a little more than a month, perhaps a bit more.
    What kind of nutrients should i buy?
    Also. where i live my plants get about 12 or so hours of daylight/day. Out of those, about 5 or 6 hours are direct sunlight. I just worry with the AC keeping my place at a cool 70-73 degrees my plants will get cold/not develop well.
    If anyone could tell me more about lighting that would be awesome.

    I'm planning to move them to bigger pots as soon as i can get some answers/help. For example, what kind of soil should i go with? should i continue using Miracle G?
    One of my plant's steam has grown to 10+ inches while some of the other ones have not seem to grow @ all (but they havent died neither). The tall plant for example, only has only a couple of leaves while the another shorter one has a steam almost (if not) as thick, and has a more full, greener leaves.

    either way, i'm getting to learn each day so i'm happy. I know i have a lot of questions so thanks to each person who throws in their two cents.

    Oh, and about flowering. When will i know when the time comes? Doesnt the plant do that on its own? Mother nature knows best right?
  5. I've read on whether you can grow the male plants separately and still smoke them. I know regs are what are going to come out, but some people say you'll just get a headache, others say smoke which is it....
  6. Your too late to plant in the ground if you want big plants. And the only thing thats gonna happen if you smoke a male is your gonna have a hell of a headache. Not that chillin. Check on investin in some cfl's and like a micro grow cabinet. I got an aerogarden tent for like $119 and some 25w cfl's for $1.

  7. thanks for the help once again. I dont want plants on the ground,so i am not worried about that. As far as smoking the males, i have heard the headache thing as i have also heard you can actually smoke it. I'm looking for some sort of educated information on the subject.
    Not sure about CFL's just yet. This is a very very basic grow.
  8. Male plants contain very little thc, dont know if its enough to get you high but I wouldnt keep a male plant around because I wouldnt want to take the chance of my female plants getting pollinated.

  9. Right, but if kept isolated from the rest, then what?
  10. I imagine that marijuana pollen like any other pollen can travel easily through direct contact, wind, clothing etc. Now if you grew it in a seperate room and changed clothes before going near your females thats some precautions you can take but I personaly dont think males are worth keeping unless you plan on breeding diferent strain(s). It all comes down to what you want to do with it.
  11. Yah, I would toss the males if I were you. There no good for smoking, I mean if you like getting high when you smoke then only fems. If you like getting headache and a nasty taste in your mouth, then go for it. As for the "educated" part, male plants dont produce thc like females do? Just my best guess haha, im not a scientist.
  12. Good enough for me. Thanks.
  13. What does fimming mean?
  14. Thanks Tplat. That was Very useful. Are you working on anything yourself?
  15. I found interesting information previously unknown to me which is that fimming or topping a plant isn't ideal, but rather bending the plant.

    I will read up some more on the subject, then will share my findings with y'all
  16. I decided to go with bending my plants rather than fimming or topping. It was wicked easy. I advice the same.

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